Outfit tip for groomsmen

Outfit Ideas for Groomsmen

With a nod to the latest trends, let your best mates stand out in the crowd while they stand next to you. Let Buzzle be your one-stop destination in finding the right outfit ideas for groomsmen, and make the day count.
Wearable Gifts
If you're looking to be whimsical, but don't want your groomsmen to spend a lot for the day, give them a unique, personalized gift that they can wear on the wedding day. It can be anything from superhero cufflinks to mismatched bow ties.
With almost all the attention on the bride, and her bridesmaids, it's tough to notice the men. But that doesn't mean that men can't embrace the latest trends and style. There are so many options these days that wearing a penguin suit is just not enough. Which is why, we've compiled a few outfit ideas for groomsmen that can be put together easily, and well under budget.

Keeping the Tradition Alive

Fashion trends will come and go, but traditions always remain. While choosing between a three- or two-piece suit, the groomsmen have an excellent option to keep elegance and class intact. Of course, there are ways to incorporate a sense of casualness here; however, we'll leave that for you to decide.

Navy Blue and Black Suits

Groomsmen Dark-colored Suits

Navy blue, black, and charcoal gray suits are always welcomed as these colors often fetch the most compliments. The seamless transition provided by these dark-colored suits is unbeatable, and can easily be implemented in any theme the bride sets her heart on. While adding a dash or two of sophistication to any wedding, these suits are an easy option when you don't want any colors to clash with one another.

'Shades of Gray' Suits

Groomsmen Light-colored Suits

These suits still lean toward the 'traditional' side. With different shades, patterns, and fabric to choose from, men's fashion nowadays reflects a more refined image. Just keep the season in mind while putting an outfit together as you don't want to break any rules, regarding the weather. It's not always a must, but go with summer suits from late May to mid September, and opt for winter suits from late September to mid May.

Color Choices for Suits

Apart from the suit colors we discussed above, you can encourage your groomsmen to think of different colors and patterns for their suits. It's not necessary that everyone has to wear the same color.

Suit Colors for Groomsmen

In order to reduce extra expense, you can select a color family and ask them to wear suits they already own. Opt for mismatched shirts, ties, and bows, and you've got yourself one heck of a collection.

A Modern Approach

Wearing a three- or two-piece suit is not a must. You can ditch the old ways, and embrace a more creative and off-beat approach. For a fresh, yet natural appeal, try any of the wedding attire ideas mentioned below.

Say 'Yes' to Coats

Groomsmen in Modern-style Coats

They can wear coats, and still pull off a casual, yet an attention-getting look. The combination of colors, depending on the suit, will vary as per the wedding theme; but you can still achieve a balance between the two. Think beyond a regular tuxedo, and you've got yourself a starting point. Choose from stylish jackets to denim shirts―basically, giving the "chic" vibe is what you're looking for.

The No-coat Look

Groomsmen Wearing Suspenders, Ties, and Vests

Let's keep the swirl waistcoats and shiny cravats at bay, and go for something completely opposite. We're talking about suspenders and vests making a trendy entrance for the occasion. The modern, casual approach is all about being flexible and comfortable in your element. You can even give the groomsmen the option to wear cardigans (regardless of color), and have an extraordinary line-up at the altar. Have them wear jeans, if you're not being too picky.

Accessories Matter

The tux or the attire is not enough; there are accessories involved as well. Of course, women have their fair share of accessories, but we can't forget the men. Even they need a little something-something to stand apart in the crowd. All eyes will be on the happy couple, but for the single men, it's definitely a time to shine in their own unique way.


Hat Options for Groomsmen

A top hat too much for you? No worries; there's a lot more where that came from. Go with the newsboy cap, the Bavarian hat, the bowler hat, the Panama hat, the fedora, the homburg, or even the boater.


Mismatched Tie Options for Groomsmen

Wearing a plain, bold-colored tie is so passé. Ask your groomsmen to pick different ties in shades of blue, purple, red, orange, green, or any other color for that matter.

Bow Ties

Groomsmen Wearing Mismatched Bow Ties

Let the ties and cravats stay in the closets, and go with vibrant bow ties instead; it's definitely a popular trend this year.


Boutonnière Options for Groomsmen

From real flowers to peacock feathers, faux gold leaves, ribbon flowers, and crepe-paper flowers, you've got a huge selection to go through.


Shoes Options for Groomsmen

Shoes too are an integral part of the attire. So how could we not mention it? If the classic, black leather shoes is not your thing, you can go with boat shoes, brogue cap toes, sneakers, or even loafers.

Whether it's a pop of color here, or a dash of style there, dressing up for a wedding sure has come a long way. The first thing you need to do is find the right suit or ensemble; everything else will follow accordingly. With a ton of choices, the groomsmen too can showcase their personality and fashion-forward ways in front of everyone.