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10 Charming Wedding Makeups

Brooke Collits Apr 9, 2019
Makeup is the core element of every day’s women looks. We all have the individual tested approaches, know what makes feel us special and it seems that there is nothing complicated in creating stunning wedding makeup.

However, it is a real challenge for each bride to decide what kind of makeup she should do on her big day.
This task implies doing a trivial thing but in an unusual way. To simplify your creative pursuit and provide you with a needed inspiration, we picked up a few charming wedding makeup ideas.

Look through them.

Invisible or 'No Makeup' Effect

This look is appropriate for the wedding day as no one other if you want to be romantic, tender, and elegant bride. For ‘no makeup’ image you will need the dewy-finish foundation to give your skin smoother color and perfect-looking effect.

You also may use the highlighters to accent the natural lines of your face.

Monochromatic Makeup

Using similar colors for different purposes (shadowing eyes, coloring lips or adding the rouge) creates a charming effect.

By the way, it can correspond with the various moods of your chosen images. All you need to look romantic just choose the perfect subtle and warm hues; for creating the more severe look - select more cold colors.

Light Sparkling

This makeup style would be an excellent choice for any wedding image. It does not matter whether you have a traditional gown or challenging extravagant look, it will accompany anyone perfectly.

You should pay precise attention to this option if you are going to dress sparkling gown or diamond accessories.

Fatal Gaze

Eyes are the mirrors of the soul. It is well-known folk wisdom and there is nothing strange that they are often the core accent in makeup. Elongated eye shadow is a charming tool for accenting your glance, making it deeper and more expressive.

You may use the shadows with the color of your eyes and this trick allows you to make eyes’ hue more saturated.

Pastel Minimalism

If you are the minimalist in using colors, this makeup implying pale hues and powder texture will be hotsie-totsie for you.

Tender pink, mint green or heavenly blue undertones are the most eligible colors for this idea. Indeed, your choice is not limited to these ones, you can overplay any of the shadows.

Neon Eyes

Are you tired of banal neutral palette and dream about a riot of colors? Bright neon hues are mood forming and you could choose by your heart.

Do you want to endow your wedding with sunny brightness? Dare to use an orange bold eyeliner and mascara of cinnamon color. If you strive to reach cosmic exaltation, use the saturated violet, etc.

Frosty Light-catching Effect

You may shine regardless of the palette of your makeup. Adding glitter in the corner of your eyes or dewy foundation on the nose’s bridge and cupid's bow adds to the mystique.

This trick allows you not only to create a brilliant wedding look but also make the features more perfect through a light-catching effect.

Cat Eye

Although it is a traditional makeup approach, it is flexible enough. All you need to look non-trivial is changing the manner of the flick.

An elongated line is on-trend today and contributes to endowing your glance with divine sophistication. You may enhance the Egyptian like images with outlined lips and stylistic accessories.

Smokey Eyes Upside Down

This makeup approach is replaced today with its upside down version, which looks even more charming. Use this technique but shadow the lower lash line instead of the upper one.

You will be surprised by the effect. It is especially good for dark-haired ladies with dark deep eyes. To enhance this light rock image you may use the eyeliner.

Dark Browns and Fluffy Lashes

Latest years have brought the trend on dark, marked browns and long fluffy lashes. Your wedding makeup can be limited to accenting these two elements and, be sure, you will not lose.

Your look will be fresh, naturalistic, not overloaded and noble enough. You may leave your lips nude to preserve natural motives or add the shining effect.