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3 Tips for Planning a Successful Outside Wedding Reception

Mia Morales Oct 25, 2019
After you have said yes to a marriage proposal, your top priority is securing a venue for the wedding ceremony and reception. A popular choice for the reception is, where guests can relax in the scenic nature surrounding them and have more room to mingle. Planning an outdoor reception can be fun and successful if you keep these three tips in mind.

1. Prepare for the Weather

For sunny or humid days, provide shade. Make sure you have plenty of ice-cold drinks for guests to sip in the heat. For cooler temperatures, serve hot beverages and soups to warm them up. You can offer a fire to sit around or use patio heater to heat up the area. For any weather, consider a tent too.

2. Utilize Natural Beauty

What if the party is in your backyard? It can still look lovely with proper landscaping and decor. If you have a pool, you can do a lot to make it elevate the atmosphere. For example, you can float candles or flower arrangements on the water. Pools also serve as stunning backdrops for photos and can offer entertainment for guests.
If you do not have a pool, it may be worth considering adding one in. It not only will be great for the reception but also for other parties you may host, as well as for everyday recreation and enjoyment. Consult pool builders in Dallas for example to find out what would work for your yard.

3. Plan Seasonal Menu

Let food match the tone of the wedding. For example, colorful produce, cold salads, fresh fish, and light chicken dishes would be appealing and tasty at a reception in hot summer. In addition to soups, creamy risotto, roasted vegetables, and juicy steak and would be appropriate for cold.


These are only the foundation for a memorable outdoor wedding reception. Other things you may have to consider are electrical needs, bathroom rentals, and other practical matters. However, the bottom line is making the night a true reflection of you and your spouse will ensure the celebration is remarkable and pleasant for everyone.