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5 Good Reasons to Elope

There are many reasons why couples choose to elope, from saving money on a big wedding ceremony to going on the adventure of a lifetime.
Modern Times Sep 9, 2019
So you're debating on having a wedding ceremony or eloping. While both decisions are fine and depend on the couple to be married, eloping is getting more popular. After all, couples can decide on adventure elopement which consists of them combining their love of travelling and an epic wedding day. Here are five good reasons to elope.

Save Money

The average wedding costs thousands of dollars. Through elopement, couples can save that money on an amazing honeymoon, or put the money away for a rainy day. Nonetheless, one of the top reasons couples decide to elope over having a big wedding ceremony is to save money.

Forget the Stress

Planning a wedding is stressful. Not only you have to pick an affordable venue, but also check  seating arrangements, test out cakes (OK, that is cool), make sure the wedding party is ready, etc. The happiest day of your life shouldn't be stressful.

Family Issues

Everyone loves their family, but they are not always easy to navigate. When it comes to weddings, families are judgemental, critiquing your decisions. There even might be a family drama and you have to get a way out. Family issues are a major reason to elope.

The Variety

You still have options when it comes to eloping. You can invite your closest friends and family members or just share this special experience with the person you are marrying.

Get an Adventure Wedding

One of the main reasons why couples decide to elope is, they can use the money saved and instead spend it on an experience of a lifetime. With the money, you and your loved one can get married anywhere in the world.
There are an endless amount of reasons to elope, with these five only being a few. Of course, the top reason to elope is because it’s what you and your loved one want to do.