Affordable Wedding Venues

Affordable Wedding Venues for a Hassle-free, Memorable Wedding

Affordable wedding venues are in demand as many people are going for inexpensive and simple wedding ceremonies rather than lavish and expensive ones. This article provides some ideas regarding such venues.
Wedessence Staff
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
If you thought that the wedding is going to be a real disaster for your pockets, maybe you need to think again. Wedding receptions always need not be a costly affair. There are several things you can do to save your precious bucks from your tight wedding budget. One of the aspects of wedding receptions where you can surely try to get economical, is the venue. Needless to say, the venue of the wedding forms a major chunk of the wedding expenses. If the venue is in budget and you do not have to shell out a fortune on that, then you can cut down a lot on the total wedding expenses. Following are some ideas for inexpensive venues for weddings:
A Ball in the Park
The most obvious and the easiest of the options to have the wedding and reception, is a nice park or a garden. The good news is that there can be quite a few parks in your city which give space and allow this at nominal charges. If you want to have a little more perfection in the arrangements and venue, see which park has a covered patio, or finer details like a nice lawn or fountains.
Divine Intervention
A church can be another good option to have a wedding and the ceremony following it. For this, you may need to check out if the church has a yard or a hall to rent. If that gets arranged, it is perfect, as then it may have all the arrangements there only. This becomes convenient for everyone because the people can just be at one place right from the wedding vows in the presence of the priest, to the post wedding merriment. Simple and inexpensive!
Hall of Fame
If you have seen a wedding hall and have totally adored it, an off season wedding can get you a great deal! The wedding season is from around April to October and perhaps a bit later. Have a wedding either before or after the wedding season. Some halls may have deals which will have nothing else than the space; however, some will surely give you a complete package, from wedding decoration to clean up.
Alma Mater's
Alumni house or the lovely chapel of your college can be a fabulous venue to get married. Alumni can get real cheap deals for weddings on the campus. It will be even more special if you have met your soulmate in the same college, won't it?
Get Your Gray Cells Working!
Thinking out of the box will definitely help you find affordable wedding venues. For instance, a popular or favorite restaurant, a drama theater, or place where you met your soulmate for the first time (maybe a laundromat, art gallery, ball park, etc.) can make for different as well as money saver wedding venues. If you are in a big city like New York City or Las Vegas, perhaps, having the wedding in a nearby town will drastically bring down your wedding expenses as it is going to be less expensive in a smaller town.
Inexpensive wedding planning always does not ask for compromises on your standards and tastes. You just have to look around a bit and voila! You can find a cool place to get married, and it would not be hard on your pocket as well.
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