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Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Favors

Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Favors
Discover alternative favors to traditional ones to give away on your big day, which are both thoughtful and befitting when it comes to giving parting gifts to guests.
Naomi Sarah
Wedding favors are one of many little details to cover, where choosing the perfect thank you giveaway can be quite perplexing. Do you give your guests quality liquor dark chocolate? A showpiece made out of crystal? An ordinary candle with a card? It can be a blur of ideas without anything close to being the ideal favor to hand over to the guest.
The first thing you need to do is to settle a budget for your favors; are you willing to pay a little extra and go all out on your giveaways? Or do you want to stick to a minimal budget and just give away something thoughtful and to the point? Are you worried about what guests may think if they see that you gave an arm and a leg to throw such a fancy reception but didn't do as much for the favors? Or are you going with a simple reception with similar favors that are within your price range? First discuss this with your fiancée, and come to a conclusive budget that works for both of you.
Alternative Wedding Favor Ideas
With all the things that need to be covered in a wedding, it is important to remember that the favors are a vital part of the planning process. Your guests may be coming from out-of-town or flying in from elsewhere, and the most you can do to show your appreciation is to give them a heartfelt wedding favor that they can fondly look at it as a reminder of your wedding day.
Kind of Wedding Favor How to Make It
Scented Candle with Bookmark Look around stores that have home essentials, and find a nice set of medium-sized scented candles. They can either be plain design-wise, or neutral colored candles with a fragrance. You could learn how to make little boxes at home using decorative textured cardboard, with a little help from friends and family. Place the candle within the box, and a simple bookmark with a thank you and maybe a nice quote before sealing the box and finishing it off with a nice ribbon or some twine.
Snow Globes These giveaways are adorable, where you can make one from scratch by finding a place where they put together personalized snow globes. There are a lot of companies online who will do it for you. You could have a photograph of you and your fiancée encased within the glass globe, or put in a showpiece that represents you and your to be husband/wife. Place these in nice gift boxes and hand these over as favors.
Potpourri and Essential Oils Who wouldn't love an out-of-the-box wedding favor that one can even use for themselves? If you feel like your guests will do good to have some aromatic oils and potpourri in their lives, have these placed snugly in gift bags/boxes before distribution. Include the little structure with a floating candle at its base, so that the essential oil can be put atop this, to infuse the surrounding area with its scent when the candle is lit.
Inspirational Book of Quotes You get really nice mini books with quotes in them for everyday inner incitements. Couple this with a nice thank you card, and a gift bag/box to hand these over in, and you have an unparalleled wedding favor idea.
Showpiece If you want to go the old school way, then a showpiece with a thank you bookmark/card should suffice. It could be with a bride and groom nestled in a carriage, or maybe the usual pose with the two standing together. If possible, have these done in interesting makes of wood or stone. The back of the showpiece can be flattened, with engraved work of your choice. It could be both of your names and the date of the wedding day or could just carry a nice quote. The detailing can be quite intricate and will most definitely make your showpiece stand out.

The alternative wedding favors suggestions can help you when it comes to selecting the most impeccable of giveaways. Be sure to first get all your materials together before starting out on making these, so that you have it done perfectly right down to a tee. Have a splendid wedding!