12 Amazing Wedding Entry Ideas

12 Amazing Wedding Entry Ideas
The entry to a wedding should be absolutely spectacular. The guests should not be able to stop raving about your wedding entrance. Need some inspiration? Check out some amazing ideas in this Buzzle post.
Don't be in a hurry to plan the entry. Take some time to discuss everything with your partner. Since you will be involving your friends and family, ask them beforehand if they'll be comfortable with it.

It is the most special day of your life, and everything about it should be opulent. You must have planned everything with great detail and efficiency. The wedding entry has to be absolutely fabulous. After all, you are entering a new phase of your life to become one forever. Nowadays, most couples are looking for funny, unique, romantic, special, or quirky ways of entering the hall.

So, we thought of giving you some amazing ideas. These will get you loads of compliments, and your guests won't stop raving about your entrance.

red carpet wedding entrance
Red Carpet Entry

Make a Hollywood style entry, with red carpet and all. And yes, ask the bridesmaids and groomsmen to act like the paparazzi or crazy fans. Do act like superstars, which you anyway are on your special day. Have fun!

So you want to introduce the wedding party. Why do it the simple boring way? Here's an idea. If you are basketball fans, then do it the NBA style. Introduce all the members as if you are introducing the starting lineup of a match. After all, your wedding is the most exciting match of your life (wink).

Songs make everything special. A lot of thought should go into choosing the perfect song. You can make it all lovey-dovey and sentimental or go for a fun-filled, peppy number.

cart wedding entrance
Cart Ride

The bride will sit on a luggage cart and the groom will push her inside. Or to make it more interesting, both of you can take the Titanic pose on the cart, and ask your friends to push you with "my heart will go on..." playing in the background.

Flash mobs are happening everywhere, and they are so cool. So what not make a rocking entry with some music and dance. You can slowly include all the wedding guests in your dance. Wow, that definitely sounds like a fun wedding.

Now comes a cute albeit a little crazy idea! Ask the groom to wear a cartoon mask and literally chase the bride into the wedding hall. Even funnier would be the bride chasing the groom! Mickey mouse or cute teddy, choose an adorable mask. Please avoid scary or hideous ones.

ramp walk wedding entrance
Walk The Ramp

It is your day, and nobody can take your thunder away. Walk on a specially created ramp. With some great lights and other visual effects, the scene will look ethereal. You can even have a fashion show, with some great music. The bridesmaids and groomsmen will enter first and welcome the two of you. You can even have different themes.

cycle beach wedding entrance
Romantic Ride

Both of you can make a romantic entry by riding bikes to the venue. If you are having a beach wedding or an outdoor wedding, this entry idea will look all the more amazing. To make it more romantic, come on a single bike.

piggyback wedding entrance
Carry You Forever

Now here's an adorable entry idea. The groom can give a piggyback ride to his beloved. A little cheesy, but cute. If you want your entry to be funny, the bride can pick up the groom (if possible!).

fantasy wedding entrance
Magical Fantasies

You can even have a fantasy-themed entrance with a magical background, and suitable sound effects. The bride can dress up like a beautiful princess, and act as if she is lost in an enchanted forest. Your friends can portray different characters, and have a mini skit too. Finally, the groom can come and save his lady.

funny wedding entrance
What An Entry!

This is for those who like it offbeat, and bold. Make a dashing entry by literally hitting the door. The groom can even pick up the bride, and then she can kick open the door. Or the two of you can make an offbeat entry with a game of football. A little quirky, but are you gutsy enough?

You can also have an obstacle entry, wherein the couple can be given various tasks. Do decide the tasks beforehand to avoid last moment embarrassment. And keep the tasks entertaining for everybody.

How was your wedding entry? We would love to know your experiences, and any other wedding entry ideas that you may have.