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Amazing Wedding Invitations Inspired by Movies

Cheryl Mascarenhas Nov 25, 2018
Are you a huge movie buff? Would you like to incorporate movie posters into a unique wedding invitation? Here are some ideas that you can use to wow your guests.

How to Identify a Wedding Card?

Have you seen those pretty little envelopes with etched hearts and bells adorning the shimmering paper? That, along with a few dainty bows and decorative fonts, is enough to tell you the good news that yet another handsome guy and a pretty girl are getting hitched.
The very thought of your wedding day brings with it hours of meticulous planning. Once you are done with your planning, the next big thing to fall on your shoulders is that of designing a wedding card.
The wedding card is an instrument through which you announce to the world your likeness and interest of getting hitched. This requires you to reflect the love the two of you share for each other in a minimal amount of words.
While most couples choose Biblical verses or lyrics from songs to proclaim to the world that they are getting hitched, photographer Joshua Watson and his wife Rachel thought otherwise. The couple decided to blend their passions to create ingenious wedding invitations in form of movie posters and sent DVD invites to their guests using them as case covers.
Inspired to try out a unique wedding invitation? Well, you ought to be. Besides, if you are a huge movie buff, just like that couple, you definitely ought to incorporate these ideas. Have a look, and then you are free to come up with your own set of movie posters that best suit your love story.

P.S. I Love You

What's your vow like? From now until death do us part, or something that will last for eternity? P.S. I Love You makes for the perfect backdrop of a story that sees love as liberating. According to me, love that lasts for a lifetime seems to be more promising.

The Vow

Your faith in each other, and in the promises you give to each other, has got to be strong. Just like the movie The Vow, you can portray your immense faith in each other. You could pledge your love for each other from this very moment to eternity using this movie poster.

The Last Song

Isn't that what love is supposed to be? You start off as friends and move on to building a sturdy relationship. If this is precisely your story, then a movie poster like The Last Song is perfect for you. It is, indeed, the beginning of love and understanding, and a photograph like this is sure to bring the right emotions across.

An Education

Not essentially Beauty meets the Beast, but the movie plot is something similar to it. Nevertheless, the movie poster is perfect for you to make do with an invitation template. It is your union that we are talking about; you can put in your storyline to make it interesting.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

The two of you are definitely going to be the talk of the town with an invitation portraying both of you carrying arms. Keep the fun quotient alive and kicking, with the two of you ready to do what it takes to be together always. You ought to be ready to fight the world for each other, just like Mr. and Mrs. Smith ultimately do in the movie.

A Walk to Remember

You don't need adversity to try your love; acts of kindness and the mere wish of being together should suffice. If you have felt the overpowering presence of love, then this movie is the best way to prove that you will stick together forever. Your story is surely written in heaven, and with blessing from your guests, it will be the perfect "I Do" day.


Quite a teen sensation, don't you think? If you want your reception to be something that is wild and fun, an invitation with a Twilight movie theme seems the perfect bet. Get out the fangs and dark lights, and get grooving to a reception that is just as fun as it sounds.
Last but not the least, roll out the red carpet, as the two of you gear up to walk the aisle in style. That just reminds me that you can recreate just about any movie that catches your fancy. Get creative, and be inspired!