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Tips for Buying Antique Style Engagement Ring

Gaynor Borade Mar 12, 2019
In many cultures, the engagement ceremony establishes the acceptance of the social union between the to-be bride and groom. The engagement ring is an indispensable part of the prelude to the big day. Read on to know the tips on how to buy an antique style engagement ring.
An engagement ring is created and designed to complement the wedding band or ring later. The engagement ring designs could be contemporary or antique depending upon the choice of the couple. The designs and material depend on the budget of the couple and their personal preference.
The rings may be designed in gold, silver, or platinum. The engagement rings are very popular for their exquisite designs and intricate metal work. The most popular being the inter-woven ring. This pattern is unique and very elegant to behold.

Engagement Rings

For the Groom

In case of men, the engagement rings do not really have much variety to offer. However, you can be innovative and work on an existent design. You could consider setting a birthstone or even emboss an initial or complete name on the ring.
The engagement rings for men include the symbolic Celtic knots and patterns. The interwoven strands of metal, the believed symbolism behind the design and the overall appeal add to the enigma that these rings flaunt.
The circle of life, the law of cause and effect, and eternal love are just some of the symbols in the antique style Celtic engagement rings that you could consider.

For the Bride

There are a number of engagement rings available for the bride to be; the puzzle ring, the name ring, and the inter-woven ring are just a few of them. The rings can be personalized by giving an existent preference a make over. The metal could be gold, silver, or platinum in this case too.
Keeping in mind the household chores that a woman does, the solemnizing bands are very versatile and easy. The puzzle ring is a set of inter-woven rings that do not come apart, but simply slide over one another and remain linked forever.


There are a number of dedicated jewelers that operate both online and offline and are accessible 24x7. These resources have professional craftsmen who come up with some fantastic add-on and embellishments to existing patterns. They help the bride and groom to make a choice between a contemporary, modern design, and an antique style engagement ring.


The common features of such a ring include the dull look, the neat finish, the intricate strand work, and the overall craftsmanship with well-rounded edges. The antique style rings for the bride and groom-to-be come from various cultures across the world and quite a few are responsible for the resurgence of interest in the forgotten art.
The ring patterns replicated today are copies of the unearthed artifacts and prized museum exhibits. The market for such wedding bands is enjoying a high muckamuck status with many couples tracing real value for the investment within these designs; Victorian and Celtic.
The rings symbolize an eternal bond; the band being a sign of the circle of life. In some ancient cultures the engagement ring stood for the promise of fidelity and in case of the contrary, the bride-to-be or the groom-to-be had to slide the ring off before and after an act of infidelity! Wow, food for thought!