Antique Wedding Rings

Fairy Tale-like Antique Wedding Rings for Your Happily Ever After

The wedding ring is probably the most important component of the social union of two individuals. Typically, a wedding ring or band is made of a precious metal, which is commonly gold or platinum. Let's see in this Wedessence article the various varieties that existed in the previous times.
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Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Antique wedding rings and available documented evidence throw light on many interesting facts about the ornament. While the precious metal ring is worn on the left ring finger in some cultures, there are quite a few that add symbolism to the same being worn on the right ring finger. In certain traditions, a ring is displayed on the toe, instead of the finger! Irrespective of where it is worn, the wedding ring is symbolic of the marital commitment to fidelity and social commitment. It is believed that the custom was primarily European, but it has long since filtered way beyond geographical constraints.

Most of the documented and visual representations of antique bands showcase plain gold bands, narrow bands flaunted by women and the broader varieties by men. The authentic intricate patterns also consist of interwoven rings that are supposed to represent love, faith and hope. Love for one another, faith in one another and hope for a bright future together. The interwoven patterns slide off quickly because the rings slide over each other. Women in many Anatolian cultures also wore 'puzzle' rings! Yes, they comprised sets of interlocking metal bands and the woman's endeavor was to arrange them such that they form a single ring, to stand the test of monogamy. However, in the case of the 'puzzle' ring, when the woman mastered or solved the puzzle, she was not able to remove the ring with ease.

Replicates of the Antique Wedding Bands Down the Ages

In certain European and American cultures, married women wear two wedding rings on the same finger. One is the engagement ring, while the other is a plain, wedding band. In fact, couples in many countries, now purchase rings as pairs. The ring patterns are designed to fit together, on top of or woven into one another. In quite a few existent cultures, women who have been married for a long time wear more than two rings on their finger; most commonly the wedding band, engagement ring and eternity ring. Engraving wedding bands is also becoming very popular in the United States.

Celtic Bands

The authentic antique wedding bands of original Celtic style have become very popular in the U.S. and other English-speaking countries. The patterns are widely adopted within cultures that share an Irish or Scottish connection. They are either engraved or embossed with a Celtic knot that symbolizes union and eternity. The knots are unique in the oneness and continuity of the strands and thus are considered designs that symbolize fidelity.

Interwoven Bands

Authentic Russian wedding rings comprise three interlocking bands. The bands are not simple 'gold', like in the case of the popular gold wedding bands, but actually pink, white and yellow. The base metal remains gold and the ring is worn on the right hand. The traditional puzzle rings, too, can be made up of four, six, eight and even twelve interconnected bands! Many are replicas from the Renaissance and are becoming very common across the world. The gimmal/gimmel rings or 'twins' were developed as wedding tokens to symbolize the socially accepted union and the wearer was bound not to cheat on his or her spouse, with the ring on! Wow, some tradition!

Antique finger bands have been around since the institution itself. The symbolic exchange still ushers in a new life and beginning, together. Beyond the traditional wedding cake and floral arrangements, the wedding ring or band is an indispensable part of the celebration. The style statement possible with the antique wedding ring varieties is incomparable. There are a variety of stylized representations of bands adopted and the jewelry can be accessed online and offline.

The intricately interwoven and plain rings are the earliest examples of true human craftsmanship and the importance attached to the institution of marriage.
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