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Asscher-cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Why Asscher-cut Diamond Makes for the Perfect Engagement Ring

Asscher-cut diamond rings are glorious-looking diamonds with an enthralling appeal. The diamond is cut in a squarish fashion with several step facets, that cause the diamond to sparkle at its best. It makes a wonderful engagement gift.
Priya Johnson
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2019
Engagement rings
Engagement rings always hold high significance to the couple, because it's a remarkable sign of love and commitment between two individuals contemplating on the unique bond of marriage. Couples wish to seal their commitment in a band of timeless beauty and elegance.
These days Princess and Asscher cuts are popular among couples. Asscher-cut diamond rings are great for those who love their gems large. Their sleek, square edges, gorgeous brilliance, and sparkle makes everybody stand in awe. But, what's so special and unique about Asscher-cut diamonds? Let's find out!
Genesis and Popularity
Developed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher, a known artisan in the diamond industry, this cut was designed as a result of Asscher's commission by the Royal Family, to cut the world's largest diamond in history.
Joseph Asscher, a master diamond cutter of his time used his creative and innovative skills to bring forth the famous Asscher cut. The unique cut was an instant sensation and enthralled the masses.
The distinguishing feature of this cut is the fact that there are no specific proportions or numbers with which to cut the diamond. The Asscher cut comprises a basic square shape and several step facets. These parallel step facets made on the diamond create a gorgeous pattern across the stone.
Moreover, each facet is seen to end in something called a table. However, other than these specifications, there is no specification on the number of cuts. It is up to the diamond cutter to maximize the light performance and beauty of the diamond.
The Asscher-cut diamond bears semblance to the famous emerald cut, which is rectangular with cut corners. However, this cut is more squarish with a unique leaping brilliance to it. It also has greater depth than the modern emerald cut diamond, because it needs to accommodate the various step facets. These step facets give a mirror effect within the stone.
Asscher Cut Diamond
The original Asscher-cut diamond is very difficult to find. However, there are some of them which are sold at antique stores. The art of the Asscher cut seemed to have dwindled during the decades, with the Nazis taking over the Royal Asscher Diamond Company in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Asscher cut suffered gloom during the next several decades. This art of cutting diamond was once again revitalized by the Asscher family. They then patented their unique design, and the genuine Asscher-cut diamond will have a serial number and the family crest emblazoned on a hidden part of the stone.
As Engagement Rings
Since these diamonds were designed in the art deco period, the vintage versions are classic examples of the original Asscher cut. Until the year 2001, only the antique ones were available at antique jewelry stores. However, now we do have the privilege of buying the stylish and bold contemporary ones, which make great engagement rings.
These rings are prized because they aren't as common as the princess cut, and will not be found on every other finger. This gives a sense of uniqueness and is a perfect gift to a woman who loves to have something different.
While purchasing these unique rings, it is important to look for the Asscher family insignia. Moreover, don't forget to look for the stone's individual identification number. It will be present on the stone's girdle. This will confirm that the stone you are shelling out money on is the singularly patented Asscher diamond cut.
The watermark is inconspicuous and needs to be magnified. Another popular engagement ring is the Asscher-cut solitaire engagement rings. This diamond solitaire cut was first introduced 100 years ago by Tiffany, and is also a great option for an engagement ring.
Once the privilege of only the elite class, today Asscher-cut diamonds can be availed by the general public as well. Its unique cuts and finishing have made it one of the latest trends in engagement rings. They make wonderful engagement rings, simply because they do not lose their sheen and last longer than other rings.