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Breathtakingly Cute Baby's Breath Centerpiece to Adore Your House

Baby's Breath Centerpiece
A baby's breath centerpiece is a prefect alternative for setting tables, in case you are organizing an occasion on a tight budget. This article highlights on how to make such a centerpiece on your own.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Baby's breath or Gypsophila is a very common flower in all florist centers. It is popularly used as fillers in bouquets, boutonnières, corsages, and several other floral arrangements. Do not underestimate these fragrant, snow white miniature blooms that are borne in a panicle inflorescence. With simple flower arranging ideas, it is easy to make an amazing centerpiece out of them. Fresh, beautiful, and inexpensive, you can use them at weddings, baby showers, and other special occasions.
How to Make it?
Nothing beautifies a table like an elegant centerpiece. But, what if there are many tables and you do not want to spend much decorating them. The ideal solution for this is using centerpieces made up of only baby's breath blossoms. Making it is very easy; all you need is a little imagination, and loads of creativity.
  • First of all, count the tables and estimate how many flowers you will need to decorate all the tables. For one centerpiece, 6 large bunches are sufficient. Accordingly, determine accurate amount while adding some extra stems.
  • Contact your local florist center before your special day, and order baby's breath bunches. May be the florist will offer discount as you are buying in bulk. However, make it clear that you want fresh, large bunches two days before the occasion.
  • Other than main flowers, you will need holding vases, and decorative floral foams. You can use white colored rectangular containers that are sold in decorative stores. And for floral foam, buy sufficient amount from an arts and crafts store.
  • A week before the occasion, you can start preparing for arranging the centerpiece. Clean the containers, and cut floral foam, so that it perfectly fits the vases. Keep these accessories ready in a safe closet.
  • As your special day arrives (preferably before 2 days), collect the flowers. Use secateurs or large scissor to cut the stems at different heights. The stem lengths should be such that they will form a dome shape after arranging in the container.
  • In order to get the desired stem height, you may need to trim a bit at a time, and check out by placing in the vase. It is understandable that the stem length of the bunch placed at the center should be more, than those assembled at the edges of the vase.
  • Soak the floral block in water, and place it in the vase. Then, insert baby's breath stem both vertically and horizontally (at the sides). You will get a half circle, or dome shaped centerpiece. Repeat the same for making other centerpieces.
  • To make the head table look more special, add a few roses in the center of the flower arrangements. Cut rose stems a little higher than that of baby's breath at the center.
  • Insert rose in the center of the vase. Check whether rose stems are visible or not. If required, remove baby's breath bunches from the center to give room for roses.
Give a finishing touch by tying a white ribbon around each of the vases. In case you already have an expertise in flower arrangements, you will definitely make strikingly attractive ones that everybody will adore. As per the flower meaning, baby's breath symbolizes happiness, pure heart, and sincerity. So, use of these centerpieces in weddings and occasions will surely bring happiness.