Uniquely Beautiful Beach-themed Centerpieces for Your Wedding

Beach-themed Centerpieces for a Wedding
Regardless of where the wedding is, it always involves a lot of preparation and beautifying the venue is considered the most important task. Centerpieces are an important part of the decoration, and it ideally has to go with the theme. Let's look at a few beach-themed centerpiece ideas that would surely please your guests!
A wedding overlooking an ocean is a dream for every couple. But many a time, as a beach may not be close-by, they may not be able to host the wedding on a beach. Due to convenience or budget issues, beach weddings are not easy to have. But if you are lucky to have your wedding on a beach, here's something for you. Beach-themed wedding centerpieces, it is.
Beach weddings are always exciting, both for the couple and for the guests. It's a time to knock off those shoes and get into your cozy slippers and attend the vows. One actually does not need to focus too much on the decorations as the picturesque atmosphere around is supportive enough. Paper and lightweight materials cannot last for long due to the breeze, and so they get ducked off the list immediately. But there are a few centerpieces that can sustain the weather and go with the beach theme.
Sand is Beautiful
Talk of the oceans and beaches, a sand castle is an obvious mention. You can get a ready-made sand castle centerpiece and then decorate it on your own. You can light small lamps around it. Obviously they need to be covered and protected from the wind. To give it a more realistic look, add a few shells around the castle. A cute figurine of the bride and bridegroom on top of the castle will complete the look.
Candle and Essence
Candles are a hit at any occasion, be it a wedding or a baby shower party. You can look for candles which are in the shape of a ship to suit the theme. Shell and boat-shaped candles are also available in the market. Place these on a decorated tablecloth, which is light blue in color. Another idea is to place a protected candle in a wreath and decorate the wreath with shells, colorful flowers, etc. Floating candles surrounded by petals is also a great choice, especially if the wedding or reception is in the evening, but you have to cover them around to keep them burning and not blown off by the wind.
Flower Power
You can make these yourself, by using flowers which bloom only in that particular season. Combine them with popular wedding flowers like lilies, roses, and orchids. Make small bouquets and place them in decorated baskets. To create a Hawaiian look, place fake or real palm trees. You could put bottles of wine in between the flowers or candles or small fish bowls can replace the bottles of wine. Adding a fish tank if feasible is also catchy. You could also keep flowers floating in a bowl as they look really beautiful.
Add some creativity to these ideas and impress the invitees with something completely unique which your friends could adopt for their wedding too.
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