Casual Beach Wedding Attire to Get Hitched in a Romantic Way

Casual Beach Wedding Attire
Beach weddings are becoming a popular alternative for people who want to opt for a casual yet romantic wedding. However, dressing considerations change significantly with the venue of the wedding! Here is a guide to choosing the best outfit for a casual beach wedding.
So you have decided to say your vows at a tropical beach paradise with the stunning sunset in the backdrop. With the trend of beach weddings catching on, more and more couples are opting for a casual beach wedding over the frills and formality of a traditional wedding in a church ... and why not? Beach weddings, while giving an impression of romance and passion, are really quite convenient, requiring minimal wedding planning and decorations.
Outfits for a beach wedding have a breezy and casual feel, with fancy featherweight fabrics and flowing silhouettes. The popular choices for brides, are free-flowing, simple yet chic dresses with either strapless necklines or spaghetti and halter straps. For those opting for a Hawaiian beach wedding, a cute print dress or a Hawaiian dressing gown are great choices. Knee or tea length dresses are the most practical options. Most of them have matching beaded details or sheer netting, to add a beautiful and elegant look to the wedding dress. Following are some tips to consider.
Attire For the Bride
Dress materials for the bride
While silk and satin are the most popular options and look great, it is recommended to opt for fabrics such as crepe, charmeuse, duchesse satin, damask, chiffon and illusion nets, to feel comfortable in the humidity and heat.
Choosing a flattering fit
Choose cuts that are flattering for your body type. You can either go in for an A-line dress that is fitted at the bust and has a free-flowing look below; or you can also opt for a straight-cut, fitted dress. An ideal dress is a balance of great looks coupled with comfort.
Color and embellishments
Since it is a casual affair, keep the embellishments to a minimum. While most of the dresses are white, you could also opt for soft pastel colors like baby pink or a light yellow. Some more options include mint green or aqua blue dusting, especially on the skirt area of the dress.
While most brides decide to go barefoot, you could choose to don an elegant pair of flats, strappy sandals, or elegant wedges as your wedding shoes. A casual wedding is ideally incomplete without a veil, so instead you could opt for other hair accessories like flowers or rhinestone studded barrettes, or even a hair band. Finally, team it up with nice, simple pearls or diamond jewelry.
Most grooms really enjoy beach weddings as they have the liberty to dress casually. The first unsaid rule of style for a wedding held at a beach is to ditch the tuxedo. Instead, the apt options include a button down shirt with pants. For something slightly more formal, a light linen suit would also be ideal. You can also team a bright tie over a light-colored shirt for a more formal affair. If the theme of the wedding is extremely casual, the groom can even opt for formal shorts. Opting for shirts with long or short sleeves is a personal choice. It is essential to strike a balance with the bride's attire.
Attire For the Groom
Dress Materials for the groom
Linen is the most ideal choice when it comes to fabrics, as it is a light yet stylish fabric. Khaki pants is another smart option for men. The most important factor is to choose a fabric that allows your skin to breathe.
Dressing Styles
An important element to looking your best is choosing clothes with the right fit. Whether you are opting for pants or for formal shorts, they should not be too tight or baggy. Go in for a shirt that is well-fitted.
It would be ideal to match the color scheme of your outfit to that of the bride's. Light-colored shirts like teal, lemon yellow, or the classic white are ideal. For the pants, you can try either white, beige or off-white.
You can opt to go barefoot in keeping with the casual beach theme. However, you can also walk down the aisle in open sandals, espadrilles or even loafers. Other accessories include a stylish watch, belt and maybe even a dress hat. For a sunny day, do not forget to carry your sunglasses.
There are many clothing stores and boutiques that have a collection of beach wedding attire available. You may also try to design your own wedding dress that is in keeping with the ambiance you want to create at your wedding. Whatever be your choice, you are sure to look great. At the end of the day this is your special moment and you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest.
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