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Beach Wedding Bouquets

Beach Wedding Bouquets
Beach wedding bouquets are probably the prettiest of floral arrangements, since they encompass flowers that translate well into something beach-esque. Find out here how to put together a beautiful bouquet, using the venue as your source of inspiration...
Naomi Sarah
Beach weddings although a clichéd setting are never the kind of set ups that fail to impress or turn out extravagant an affair. Being picturesque and quite the spot to have a wedding, the beach serves as a great backdrop for any couple when tying the knot. My sister is soon going to go down that road, and if all works out in our favor, we have a close-to-the-beach wedding coming up soon during the holidays!

There's really nothing like it - you have the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, you have the cry of far off seagulls, the smell of wet sand and salt speckled winds in the air. For those planning a wedding at the beach, for starters - you couldn't have gone with a more perfect venue. For brides fretting about what kind of bouquet would best work with her dress and with the theme, these ideas I've put together for you should help I hope in some way.

Beach Wedding Bouquets and Boutonnières

These bridal bouquet ideas and suggestions for boutonnières will give you great insight on how to put flowers together to make the most of their colors complement the theme of your wedding. There are a ton of tropical flowers that you can mix and match your arrangements with, since the colors are vibrant and won't clash with one another. You can even mix it up with colors of the same kind of flower, to make it even prettier.

❀ White and Violet Roses ❀

When arranging a bouquet, have an even set of 6 flowers placed together in the bouquet. Have medium-sized white and violet roses mixed together to form a subtle and strong colored array of this. You can have a golden mesh like material hold the base of the flowers intact, with a champagne colored ribbon to finish the look. Throw on some sprinkled shine on the roses, and you have quite a stunning rose arrangement. The boutonnière can have a single violet/white rose tucked into the groom's/groomsmen's breast pocket.

❀ Orchids ❀

A flower that has such a huge variety in colors is worth including in a beach bouquet. From shades of white, blue and violet, these flowers are quite a catch. Choose orchids in either white, or one kind that I recently came across with mixed hues of violet and blue, with specks of white all merged into one. Not only is it a beautiful flower to arrange in a bouquet, but you can add little seashell highlights that you can glue to the bouquet's ribbon holding the flowers together. Have little tear drop stick-ons placed here and there around the petals, to make these look like water droplets. It adds an element of quiet grandeur to it. You can have the groom/groomsmen pin a white simple orchid to their boutonnières.

❀ Bird of Paradise ❀

This flower bursts with colors of bright orange and blue, making it a colorful arrangement that will look spectacular in the sunlight. It makes the colors jump out at you, making it a simple arrangement to put together, where you can use a bejeweled mesh to wrap the bottom of the flowers to form your bouquet. You can have small versions of this flower tucked into a boutonnière, trimming off the stems of course.

❀ Sunflowers ❀

Nothing like a douse of sunshine yellow to brighten up your overall white look. It adds great color to an arrangement, making the yellow face of the sunflower burst with pride and open-faced beauty. Teddy bear sunflowers will make you melt when you take a look at their chubby sunflower faces. The boutonnières of the groom/groomsmen can have instead a regular sunflower, peeking through.

❀ Hot Pink Dahlias ❀

Vibrant and full of life, these flowers are the epitome of style and class. It adds a touch of elegance to your bouquet, making it a one of a kind arrangement. The boutonnières of the groom's/groomsmen of course will have a small dahlia pinned to it.

These beach wedding bouquets will serve your purpose well, being colorful arrangements that would make any flower ensemble look breathtaking. In stark contrast to your white dress, it would make it even more noticeable and pleasing to those who see you walking down the aisle holding such a beautiful bouquet.
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Red Bouquet
Sunflower bouquet
Bird of Paradise wedding bouquet
Wedding bouquet of white orchids
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