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Beach Wedding Dress Ideas

Tired searching for some unique beach wedding dress ideas? You've certainly come to the right place then. Read the article below to find out some of the best beach wedding dresses, inclusive of the accessories you need to wear and of the things you should not wear. For more interesting tips, read on...
Wedessence Staff
Beach wedding dresses are some of the easiest to decide amongst all the wedding dresses. While there are many options you can choose from, choosing the right fabric and the right color combination is also very important. The colors of summer are different from the colors of winter, so you need to keep these in mind too. If you're getting married in summer, the shades of sherbet lemon, light baby pink, golden, white, lilac, mauve and pastel are preferred. Similarly, if you are zeroing in for a winter beach wedding dress, you have colors such as red, silver, dark green and purple as your options. Beach wedding dresses require a lighter material to fight the humidity. Also, comfort is one of the most important aspects while choosing any dress. Floral prints are a great option in the patterns and so are the satin elements. Now that we know what to keep in mind while selecting each of the following dresses, let's proceed to the actual beach wedding dress ideas.
Tips to Help You Choose a Unique Beach Wedding Dress
Go Hawaiian
One of the best wedding dress ideas is to select a typical Hawaiian theme based wedding dress. Wear a mini white dress with a lot of frills and keep the clothing as minimal as possible. The dress has to have a flare and be flowing. You can also team this with a thin scarf around the neck. This type of dress should be at least 5 inches above your knees and the back is preferred open. You can wear a necklace made from some flowers and wear similar jewelry in your feet too. Anklets look really great with such dresses.
The Sundress
Pretty sundresses for beach weddings are option number two as they make great wedding dresses but these are appropriate only for summer weddings. Summer dresses in colors of sherbet lemon, light baby pink, golden and lilac are a sure hit. Trying something different from the usual white can really turn out to be a great idea. Sundresses can come up to your knees unlike the mini wedding dresses. Wearing them in the cold isn't a bad idea but then you don't want people to think you're a wardrobe disaster, do you? Enhance your look even more with some bracelets and delicate earrings.
Mermaid Dresses
Mermaid dresses are my personal favorites and an obvious option if I have to share some beach wedding dress ideas. It doesn't matter if you're getting married in the winters or in the summers, if the beach is your venue, this one is perfect as an option. Mermaid dresses are body hugging till the knees and flare like a balloon below them, till the toes. A tube is much more preferred than a mermaid dress with straps. You can team this with a nice elegant necklace hugging the neck and the tiara. Keep it just at that.
Love it Long?
If you want your wedding dress to be long, so be it. Long wedding dresses look equally beautiful and maybe a little more depending upon your figure. If you choose a long wedding dress, make sure it is not body hugging and some cuts below the knee will give it the much-needed casual look. You can wear shell jewelry on this one with your hair let loose. This one should look as if the garment is just flowing on you and not holding you.
Now that you know all these beach wedding dress ideas, you can finalize your wedding dress soon and do your best with it. Keep your footwear flat, simple and elegant. Pumps and stilettos are a strict no-no with beach wedding attire, as wearing them and walking on the sand is a near impossible task. You don't want to trip when you walk down the aisle, do you? Accessories, whichever you choose, have to be light and delicate with colors like the ones mentioned above. With this information, hope you get yourself the best wedding gown ever! Best of Luck!
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