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A Lucid Visual Guide to What Guests Can Wear to a Beach Wedding

What Guests can Wear to a Beach Wedding
Romance is in the air, the sea breeze blowing ever so gently. Love is in the sunset, lining the beach and the stars that make up the natural setting of a beach wedding. Beach weddings deviate from the traditional weddings, in a way it takes on a more casual and relaxed atmosphere. Dressing according to the theme is always appropriate but what do you do when it isn't really specified?
Parashar Joshi
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Tradition takes a humble bow, beach weddings in particular, have gained importance and favoritism. So to say, weddings which were once a formal affair have now begun to embrace a carefree approach. Beach weddings are not just cost-effective, all due credit to the natural picturesque ambiance that it creates, but also boasts a bohemian feel, along with glamor and fun.
The beach wedding, as exciting as it may sound, may leave you baffled when deciding on the attire. One rule to remember here is to pay close attention to the details specified in the invitation card. When deciding on the attire, let the invitation guide you. Your first clue for right dressing is the scheduled time of the wedding. Then consider the season, if it is a winter, fall, or summer occasion. Last but not the least, you have to check the card to see if it makes a mention of the incorporated theme. Remember, unless specified by the couple, casual attire for guests is welcome. However, not every beach wedding will incorporate the Bohemian look.
The Not-so-formal Look for Women
Dresses! Dresses of any kind, that are not too elaborate, and can keep you comfortable in the outdoors are the only kind to wear to a beach wedding. Drape dresses and soft lace dresses with floral or digital prints in bright colors are your best bets. Give those high heels a rest and opt for stylish flat sandals instead.
While dresses do have their own charm, no woman should be denied of the obvious sensuality that a skirt renders. Experiment with a dressy skirt and a simple top for an evening wedding. Or go for a simply, yet classy look with a bright colored skirt, matched with a neutral top and a stylish throw.
The Not-so-formal Look for Men
A summer suit complete with linen shirts and khaki pants with or without the tie is permitted. Pair it with sandals to suit the warm and sunny feel of the wedding party. If you're in the mood for something unconventional (and if the invite permits it), wear a pair of shorts with your jacket and a vest inside.
If you're not one for suits, you can drop the jacket and just wear a light-colored button-down shirt with linen pants. Yellows, whites, light greens, light blues, and browns are the hot favorite for semi-formal shirts for the outdoors!
The Not-so-formal Look for Boys
Your best shot is a button-down shirt, tucked into a pair of light-colored trousers (beige, cream and khaki work best for a beach wedding). If it's bound to get chilly later in the day, make him wear an additional tee inside.
Alternatively, he'll look absolutely smashing in an adorable pair of suspenders. A light shirt, paired with slightly darker trousers and comfortable shoes; your little prince is ready to charm the ladies!
The Not-so-formal Look for Girls
All they need is a reason to dress up. And just because it's a beach wedding, doesn't mean they can't. The frills must take a break, but can easily be replaced with lace! Yes, have your little princess dress up in a bright colored dress that has hints of lace; just enough to make it look dressy and at the same time keep her comfortable.
You can explore for a semi-formal look - for a beach wedding - is a dress with a couple of tiers. Yeah, it's not just women's clothing that adheres to trends. The little ones' do too. Just remember the basics: light colors, sleeveless or short sleeves, comfortable shoes, and minimal accessories. As far as kids' wear is concerned for a beach wedding, tassel-free is hassle-free!
The Casual Look for Women
The first thought that comes to mind when we think of a casual outfit for a beach wedding is definitely a pretty, flowing dress that is luxuriously light, and at the same time gorgeous to look at. Make sure the fabric is light and flowy so it waves a bit in the warm beach breeze.
For a casual skirt, the safest option you can choose is a light-colored one that will absorb the sunlight. Pair it with a bright and fresh colored top. Cotton is the best choice for a simple skirt and you can use a flowy fabric for the top. Match these with a comfortable pair of open sandals and you're good to go!
The Casual Look for Men
No one can resist a man in all white on the beach. There's something so ethereal about the simplicity of this outfit that it draws attention from almost everyone. What we're trying to say is, you can NEVER go wrong with white trousers, a white shirt, and a pair of comfortable open sandals.
If you think you're not cut out for the all white look, you can always turn to your most reliable friend in the clothing department: denims. Just team a pair of faded blue jeans with a button-down shirt and loafers. Don't forget to roll up your sleeves. Super sexy!
The Casual Look for Boys
How adorable do little boys look in dungarees, right?! Have him wear a pair of light colored ones with slip-on sandals. Have him put on a matching hat to keep the sun at bay. Of course, you don't know how long the hat and sandals will last on his head and feet, but at least you'll have the satisfaction of trying.
If he just won't agree to dungarees, then play it safe with a favorite: jeans. This way he won't feel like he's overdressed so he won't make a fuss. Plus, he'll be really comfortable. A comfortable kid is a happy kid, and isn't that what you want at a wedding: kids minding their own business while you soak up all the love?
The Casual Look for Girls
Does your little girl refuse to give in to a fussy dress? Are you worried she'll be uncomfortable with lace? Try something simple, yet stylish. Go in for a dress that is light and comfortable like the denim one shown here. It's a no-fuss, practical and comfortable wear.
If she's one to play 'dress up', then she's in for a treat. Make her wear a cute, short skirt in a bright, playful color. Team this with a neutral top and give her a pair of fancy kiddie sunglasses to flaunt. She'll love the attention and so will you.
Spring Dresses for Women
Wear breathable fabrics for the wedding. Stick to short dresses but avoid short flowing dresses unless you want to do a Marilyn Monroe. Short and dressy sleeves are permissible, and avoid anything that is to flashy or revealing. If it is too windy, do remember to carry along your tie pin/clips and a hat to keep your hair from blowing wild.
Winter Wedding at the Beach
Dressing warm is the key. Though not a lot of beach weddings are held in the fall and winters due to the cold, there may be a rare case like the one you are going to and it would be wise to keep yourself warm. Having said that, you can carry along your Bolero jacket or a fancy throw to keep yourself warm. The men can wear heavier dress coats while the children can be kept warm with layered clothing and sweaters worn beneath the actual dress.
If you are still hesitant about what to wear for the upcoming beach wedding, ask the bride or the maid of honor who will be able to help you better. Make sure you check all of this well in advance and not end up calling up the bride a day prior to her big day.
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