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Beach Wedding Flower Arrangements

Rimlee Bhuyan Feb 8, 2019
If you are having a beach wedding, then you would need floral arrangements that would reflect the beach theme. Take a look at some of the best flower arrangements for a beach wedding.
Can any wedding be complete without beautiful and fragrant flowers decked out as centerpieces and bouquets? Flowers are an integral part of a wedding, whatever the wedding theme. From centerpieces to bouquets and boutonnieres to wedding ceremony decorations, wedding flowers play a crucial part in exuding the wedding theme and atmosphere.
If you are planning on a beach wedding, then you need wedding flower arrangements that reflect the beach theme. Since you will be having the wedding ceremony and reception out on the beach, it is a good idea to opt for flowers that are hardy and which can stand the heat.
Freshly cut tropical flowers like cymbidium orchids, bird-of-paradise, dendrobium orchids, phalaenopsis orchids, anthurium and heliconias work well for a beach wedding. These colorful flowers not only dress up the wedding venue, but also are hardy enough not to wither in the heat.

Flower Arrangements for Beach Weddings

Beach Wedding Bouquets

For the wedding bouquets for the bride, you can choose something elaborate with a mix of three to four flowers. For the bridesmaid a less elaborate floral arrangement will be more suitable.
If you want a show stopping bouquet for your wedding, then why not opt for a cascading bridal bouquet fashioned out of cymbidium orchids, chartreuse flowers, gloriosa lilies, leucadendron, and hosta leaves. For a touch of the whimsy, add a few satin ribbons in lime green or violet to give the cascading bouquet a more lush and romantic look.
Since the bride is carrying something so spectacular as a bridal bouquet, you need something less dramatic for the bridesmaid. To tone down the exuberance of the cascading bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets fashioned out of just one kind of flower would look perfect. 
Each bridesmaid can carry a compact bouquet made of mini calla lilies in yellow or pink tied with a ribbon. Alternatively, you can also choose pink or orange nerine lilies or even yellow crocus and oncidium orchids. Keeping the bridesmaids bouquet more compact and streamlined will help in highlighting the beauty of the more dramatic cascading bridal bouquet.

Beach Wedding Centerpieces

For beach wedding centerpieces the best thing to do would be to mix the flowers with some traditional beachy items like paper boats, seashells, starfish or pebbles.
One great beach wedding centerpiece ideas is to use big wide mouthed spiral shell as a vase. Glue the base of the shell to a small rectangular ceramic plate with a bit of glue and fill the shell with water. Arrange a few flowers like purple scabiosa and baby's breath inside the shell vase. 
To complete the beach theme scatter a few round and oval pebbles on the ceramic plate. This floral centerpiece is very easy to create and the nautical accents of the shell vase and the pebbles gives the centerpiece a nice beachy vibe.
Another good beach wedding flower arrangement is to use a rattan planter as a centerpiece and fill it with white orchids and long stemmed white calla lilies. Choose a long rattan planter and paint it in pristine white paint color. Line the inside of the planter with a plastic plate and then fill it with a piece of florist foam.
Trim the stems of all the flowers to the same height and place them inside the planter. Use green leaves like palm leaves or hosta leaves to add a touch of color to the centerpiece. Since this floral arrangement is a large one, you should place just one centerpiece in each table.
If you decide on having a wedding arch for solemnizing your wedding then you can decorate it with phalaenopsis orchids and anthurium along with hosta leaves to give it a bright and vibrant look. Beach weddings can be made into one of the most perfect wedding venues if you choose the right flowers and floral arrangements.