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Beach Wedding Invitations

Beach Wedding Invitations
The number of things you can do with beach wedding invitations to make them awesome is unlimited! Let's just check out a few of them in this article.
Sujata Iyer
Planning a beach wedding, are you? Well congratulations! You've chosen what could be possibly the most fun wedding idea there is. A beach wedding, by its very name is one of the most relaxed affairs, with a dip in the big blue sea (or ocean) on the cards after the ceremony. The budget for a beach wedding can be lesser than that of a church wedding, for very obvious reasons. This gives you the opportunity to go all out on the invitations! Thinking about how to add that extra bit of zing in your invitation? Well, that's what we're here for! With this Wedessence article, you'll get some unique ideas for beach wedding invitations that you can use to make yours one of those wedding invites that everyone would be in awe of!
Marine Creatures
If you're ready to have a wedding invitation bursting with colors, then this idea is for you. Ever noticed how beautiful sea creatures are? I'm not talking textbook beautiful, I'm talking TV show beautiful! How about using this breathtaking beauty of the sea creatures to enhance that look of your card? Gather information on the types of fish and other marine animals that live in the water where your beach wedding is scheduled to be held. Get some gorgeous photographs of these creatures and use them as the front cover of your invitations. You can also include a trivia note pertaining to the creature that appears on each card, which means that you can have different creatures on different cards. Imagine how surprised your guests will be when they see that each of them has a different invite!
Oyster and Pearl
If elegant and sophisticated is you're style, then you absolutely MUST go for this idea. Have the invite in the shape of a big oyster. Use a nice smooth quality paper (preferably hand made), in a shade of ivory. This should be an open and close invite. When you open the invite, a pearl should pop out bearing the invitation wordings on it. The front of the card can be covered with a sheer ivory colored fabric or even net. The wordings can be printed in either gold or silver. You can have a string of tiny pearl like beads at the fold of the card, by punching two holes through it, to give it a more authentic look!
Shells and Conches
For all those who want invites that remind their guests of the ocean and make sure that they attend the wedding, you can make good use of shells and conches on the wedding invitations. You have two options for this. You can either have the cards shaped in the form of a big shell or a conch and shaded in different colors. Or, you can make a pretty card in the traditional manner and have tiny shells and conches pasted onto them. You can hand pick the shells and conches that you want pasted on the invitations or you can ask someone to simply buy a pack of them at a store. Whatever you do, make sure the feel of the beach is evident in the card. A third idea is to have your invitation wordings written on shells and conches, placed in boxes and delivered to your guests. Now, that's one invitation they'll never want to throw away!
Sand in a Box
This is one of those larger than life ideas, so you need to be prepared to spend a fairly high amount of money. You'll need pairs of wooden boxes that fit within each other, sand from the beach and your invitation cards. In the bigger wooden box, which should have a rugged and worn out look by the way, fill some sand. Now, place your invitation in the smaller of the two boxes, and place this smaller box into the larger box. Close the box and tie it with a satin ribbon and have it delivered to your guests. The look on their faces will be worth watching!
Invite in a Bottle
Let's give a twist to the 'ship in a bottle', and make your beach wedding invitation an extra bit innovative. Have your invitation wordings written or printed on tiny pieces of some fancy paper or even sheer fabric. Make sure the print is legible though. Now, roll these tiny invites and tie them up with a golden or silver string. Get yourself a lot of transparent bottles (according to the number of guests). Now, fill quarter portion of the bottle with clean sand from the beach. You can throw in a shell or two, and a miniature star fish too, to give it more oceanic feel. Now, slowly, place the invitation roll into the bottle, using a pencil. Remove the pencil and voila! Your invitation in a bottle is ready! Place the bottle in a box with some bubble wrap around it and deliver it to your guests! Stylish, don't you think?
You've got to have realized by now that there are tons of things you can do to make creative and out-of-the-box beach wedding invitations. So, activate your gray cells a bit, and get your fancy invites ready soon! Share your brilliant ideas with us too! We'd love to hear them!
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