Best Lighting Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

Planning for a wedding is exciting as well as overwhelming. Getting a perfect wedding is like a dream come true for a bride. But before this auspicious day arrives, there are a lot of preparations which one has to do in order to live their dream moment.
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Marriage - this one word is enough to bring joy, laughter and make faces glow and blush at the same time. Ask any married couple to envision their best day and both of them go back to that fun filled memory. This simple word binds two strangers and their families together for life. Wedding for bride, groom and for their respective families is always a top priority. Months are spent in preparation for deciding on the venue, menu, dress, shopping and last but not the least decorations. Decorations form an integral part of the wedding which is expected to be not only unique but also awe inspiring for the guests.
Best Lighting Ideas
Summer months are most popular ones for weddings. In this season, weddings are not just restricted to churches but outdoor weddings are preferred. While choosing an outdoor wedding theme, do take care of certain matters like weather conditions, noise pollution and maintaining casual outlook. Also, lighting for the wedding should be such that it makes a subtle statement as well as it produces long-lasting glow. The new 'IT' trends which every bride and groom wants to incorporate in their wedding are vintage themes, return of dull colors and a simple venue where there innovative ideas can be bought into reality. Golf courses, lakeside views, vineyard settings and mountain views are the places where major weddings are taking place. Some of the best lighting ideas which won't take a toll on your budget are discussed here.
Connectible String Lights
These beautiful string lights look like these have embraced the evening with the scenery and made the wedding as a night to remember. These lights can be used on a tent as images or highlight stars shining in the sky. The lighting can also be used to accentuate central points like a sculpture, fountains or trees. These lights also come in form of ropes which are used to enhance the beauty of the area by lighting the aisle area on a golf course. Even hiding the string lights with colored fabrics forms a beautiful backdrop which is a hot trend this season.
These are expensive than the former one. These chandeliers add elegance and re-define the vintage era. These beautiful lighting pieces can be hung from the ceiling of the tent or can be installed in a line accentuating the aisle. Also, these glass chandeliers come equipped with LED lights which is a cost saver. These chandeliers can be suspended above tables to illuminate the sitting area for the guests.
Intelligent Lights
These lights come in variety of colors. The lighting system uses LED technology. These lights are programmed in a way to highlight the dance floor. These lights vary in color and intensity according to the music. These are also used as underwater lighting which enhances the effects of impressions created. You can also opt for colors in these type of lights which can be used to highlight areas like dance floors, food area or sitting arrangements. The new trend is using mix and match colors or a single color or contrast colors. If you are using single colors, go for subtle colors like warm orange, light blue or pink which are new this season. Otherwise, matching colors with the fabrics used in the wedding decor is another best alternative.
Known to be least expensive and producing a beautiful effect, these are everyone's favorite. These budget friendly candles have been in use since ancient times. In weddings, these candles can be used on the tables or are used as float votive ones. There are certain candles that emit fragrances and keep the bugs away. These can be used in the dining area or at the tables where guests are seated for eating. Candles can be used to light a pathway but keep the candles in a lantern or glass lamps so as to avoid accidents. The current trend is placing it on the tables in a vintage style lantern.
Hybrid Solar Lights
Want to add a unique accent to your wedding, solar lights ensure optimum utilization of money. These lights utilize the solar energy at nighttime and do not require any wiring. These lights come as curtain lights and are available in bright colors which look beautiful when used on walls. These lights are also used to light archways and can be used in the garden, accentuating a sculpture or a tree. Some of these lights give a faint glow which can be used to light the cocktail area or dining area.
GOBO Lighting
These lights are popular in theatrical plays and are now widely used in weddings. Beautiful monograms are displayed on the dance floor or against a backdrop incorporating themes like flowers, cupids or stars which add elegance to the wedding decorations. The images are projected with GOBO projector and produce brilliant results. The new trend in these lighting system makes wedding an event to remember.
Even though you can use a mix and match of these lighting ideas but do remember your budgetary constraints. Planning for the lighting is one such area where you would not want to go overboard otherwise the beautiful scenery surrounding the venue loses its appeal. The lighting in summer should be pleasing, exquisite as well as give that impeccable look.
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