Beautiful Bohemian Wedding Dresses

Pushpa Duddukuri Oct 6, 2018
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A bohemian wedding dress is the alternative to the conventional wedding gowns. If you are looking for your romantic and vintage wedding dress, then read on to get some tips to make your big day memorable.
In the early twentieth century, when the bohemian style came into fashion, it freed the hip women and 'it' girls from the shackles of corset and petticoats. Unsurprisingly, such a way of dressing was the result of unabashed thinking and unconventional, artistic lifestyles.
Though originally 'bohemian' was accredited to the authentic gypsies who traveled from Central Asia, the literary world lapped up the unorthodoxy of their lifestyles and art.
Thus, 'bohemian' was here to stay, and became the most recurring fashion of recent times. So, if your wedding date is approaching and you haven't found the perfect wedding dress, then probably throwing a glance at some beautiful affordable dresses isn't a bad idea at all.

Types of Bohemian Wedding Gowns

Brides should be know about bohemian style before shopping for bridal gowns.
Etherealness is the key to bohemian dressing. Bohemian wedding gowns have usually long, flowing and fluttering fabrics with right accentuation at the assets of one's body.
A daring, avant-garde dress and perfect earthy accessories to go with the dress is the most sought after look among ladies who are about to walk down the aisle. Hence, a few romantic wedding dresses of boho style are mentioned here which will give you some idea on how you can glam up your wedding look.

Sleeveless Dress

In the summers, the wedding of the season would be a sandy beach wedding. And, nothing will prompt the groom to say "I Do" more if he sees his lady-love in short, sleeveless bohemian wedding gown.
Sleeveless or strapless wedding dress is the most sexiest wedding gown, so if you have a body to flaunt, then such a dress might be the one that matches the contours of your body.
A bit of skin seen, up the shoulder and down the leg, with flowing chiffon fabric and a big bow tied on the mid riff is the look to kill for. As this dress says it all, it is better not to be over-decorative. Instead, adorn yourself with delicate flower headbands and make wild, free-spirited tresses.

Dress with Sleeves

A bohemian bride is hippie, strangely whimsical and elegantly beautiful. To get into the mold of that enchanting, free-spirited bride for your bohemian wedding, the right wedding gown is a must. So, when everything at your wedding is bohemian, the bridal dress should be bewitching.
A bohemian dress with sleeves is just the gown which will suit the occasion.
The fabric can be tulle, chiffon or even organza. Embellishments like embroidery, beading or sashes can liven up this floor length gown. You can experiment with cap sleeves, bell sleeves as well as coat sleeves in your dress.

Colorful Dress

As said before, bohemian lifestyle is a tribute to mother nature. Ethereal appearance is what most women seek in this crude world of extravagant makeup and phoniness. May be your wedding day is the day when you can leave behind all the pretense and customs, and embrace nature with wispy colorful wedding dress.
For a bride, saying marriage vows in a white dress is the customary norm, but breaking out of the box by saying 'I Do' in a floral or leafy pattern dress might be the thing that you actually want. If you have decided so, then here are some things that you should keep in mind while choosing your dress.
Try not to choose too structured patterned dress as it can just undermine the bohemian clothing style and make it look too retro. The pattern can be big or small according to your preference, your dress should draw the essence of the hippie style.

Maxi Wedding Dress

One of the vintage wedding dresses is a maxi wedding gown which highlights the 'anything goes' fashion of the seventies. A maxi wedding dress doesn't have to be drab or unflattering. You can accentuate your dress with matching frills and sashes, and opt for a little bit revealing neckline to add a glamorous touch to it.
Such Victorian prairie inspired bridal gowns can be made in ivory, cream, or peachy whites. Such a dress can steal the heart of any groom and make bridesmaids go green with envy.

Ruffle Tiered Dress

Tiered dresses are back with a BANG! Unfortunately, not everyone can carry this look properly as it can make you appear ridiculous even if you go little over the top or do less than required while dressing up. The tiers in a bohemian wedding gown bring a subtle kind of casualness in the fabric.
You can adorn it with both shorter and longer hemline. While longer hemline embodies the spirit of a true boho bride, shorter dress looks superbly cute. The tiers drapes on the body and hits your leg with finesse. You can have an empire waist or smocking at the waist to accentuate your femininity.

Lace Dress

Perhaps women love lace because it 'covers' yet reveals. It's delicate and fragile but also strong and elegant and adds a touch of romance. If your wedding dress is too plain, use lace on neckline, train or skirt of the wedding dress to spice it up. Bohemian dresses perfectly embrace the lace in their varied patterns.

Bohemian Bridal Makeup

For the most important 'day' of your life, let your hair down and give it some curls. A flower wreath on the hair and tiny flowers clipped in the tresses would give an impression of a pixie fairy. Those who have short hair need not fret as lack of long locks doesn't imply that you can't pull off your boho-chic look.
When everything about bohemian is bold and offbeat, then wedding shoes should also be a far cry from conventionality. Opt for ballet shoes or slippers embellished with flowers instead of formal shoes. Makeup should be of copper tones to bring out a natural earthy look.
Bohemian wedding dress is inspired by natural pristine beauty and are a unique combination of past cultures and new trends. So, get your boho dress if you are unafraid to tread away from tradition.
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