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Bridal Hair Accessories

Bridal Hair Accessories That'll Make You Glow Like a Doll

Bridal hair accessories can help to lend a glam element to your hairstyle on your wedding day. Here is a glance through some of the accessories that can help you deck up your tresses in elan.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Aug 24, 2018
The wedding day brings great excitement, and even anxiety, to many brides. Picking the right wedding gown and a hairstyle to blend with the style of the gown can be a cumbersome task to many. This, of course, needs loads of planning and discussions with your hair stylist to find one that suits you to perfection.
Using the right bridal hair accessories can help you look your best on your wedding day. But before you plan to use any, you must be aware of the various kinds of accessories that are available in the market. The perfect one can turn any simple hairdo into a glamorous one.
Types of Bridal Hair Accessories
Hair Clips And Rubber Bands
Hair clips are the basic of hair accessories. They primarily serve the purpose of managing your hair by keeping them off the face or by piling them up above the head. Hair clips come in a wide variety as well, such as barrettes, which are made of metal, plastic, or even wood.
Bride Hairstyle
For wedding day, an ideal hair accessory would be hair snaps that are mainly used for decorative reasons.
Bridal hair accessory
They can hold the tiny strands of hair in place. An elaborate bridal hairdo cannot be complete without the mention of hair combs. This is a kind of a headpiece that is attached to the head with a small comb-shaped structure attached to it. Hair combs can be worn on top of the head, as well as on the side.
Brooch with flowers isolated on white
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They come in attractive designs and finishes, and are bejeweled with pearls and rhinestones. They look fabulous when worn with stylish updos.
Hairpin with gem on a white background
Crystal hairpins look fabulous, and are one of the most sought-after wedding accessories. They are available in orchid-shaped designs, diamante branch shapes, soft feathery look, or even in funky shapes as well. Choose one that best suits your gown and hairstyle.
Relaxation. Red Hair Beauty over Natural Floral Background. Nature. Blossom
Flowers are one of the most favored patterns in bridal hair accessories, and if you have a penchant for them, they are bound to add a fresh 'fragrance' to your wedding hairstyle. Flowers, whether real or artificial, are often used as a bridal hair accessory by many.
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For those girls who are going in for a simplistic ponytail, you can opt for decorative elastics or ponytail holders that will add a quaint touch to your entire hairstyle.
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Headbands are also one of the most glamorous and stylish accessories that one can opt for. These have different widths, and can be worn with stylish updos.
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You can opt for sparkling tiaras that can add to the dazzle of the wedding day. They are available in various designs, such as flowers made in crystals.
Detail of Bun
Hair sticks also form a part of bridal hair accessories. These are particularly used to secure hair that is styled in a bun or updo. Decorative hair sticks are used to hold the hair in place. These are also available in various shapes and styles.
Backside Hairstyle
Hair embellishments also include hair picks. These are tiny jewels that can be worn in the hair, either in a particular pattern or scattered throughout.
Barrette with pearls and diamonds on a beautiful background
Bridal hair slides that are bedecked in pearls and stones are also great to keep your hair in place. These are actually simple hair clips that are modified to look ultra glam.
Shells, particularly the mother of pearl, act as a great hair accessory as well. These can be used after drilling a small hole in it, which would make it relatively easier to use.
Pink fabric hair band
Ribbons and laces can also be used to create an innovative look for a wedding hairstyle. These can be interwoven into the hair. Ribbons can also be used to create pretty bows, whereas lace can be tied up into small bunches and hair wrapped around it.
The amount of bridal accessories you can encounter at any outlet may be innumerable. The trick lies in finding the right one to suit your hairstyle in the best manner possible.