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Bridal Makeup Looks

Scholasticus K Feb 6, 2019
The special day is fast nearing and you, as a bride, want to ensure that you nail the perfect bridal makeup look. Here are some tips for a bride-to-be, which are sure to make her look gorgeous.
The day of the wedding ceremony is probably the most important day in the lives of the bride and the groom. It is the day, when they are bound in holy matrimony. It is said to be the rebirth of the bride and the groom.
The day of the wedding brings in a great deal of excitement as well as anxiety to the bride. May it be in a beautiful chapel or on a gorgeous beach, the bridal makeup look is the most important thing for every bride.

The Looks

There are different makeup looks and tips that will highlight certain features and enhance the beauty of the bride. Here are some of the most popular looks.


Nothing better than an Indian makeup. The marriage ceremony is probably the most important ceremony in the Indian culture. First you will have to learn how to drape a sari and how to carry it well.
It is not so easy to handle a sari, especially for those who are trying it for the first time. For this look, you will have to consider bridal jewelry, hairstyle, and skin tone to the last detail.


You will have to start working on the many makeup accessories such as blush, gloss, and foundation. Your beautician will be able to give you good advise on how to set the tone of your makeup.
Also avoid too much or too less makeup, as too much of it makes your skin shine in all the photographs, and too less merges you with other people. Remember, the perfect look is a balanced tone.


Again, you need to work on your makeup and toning. Try out various bridal accessories and lipsticks beforehand. Select the one that suits you the best, and try it out several times to perfect the skin tone and balance that you want.

Natural Look

In this case, don't wear makeup at all. All you need to do is wear extremely light foundation and just some mild lip balm. Thoroughly wash your face before mildly applying the foundation and balm. You can replace foundation with light dusting of translucent powder.

Summer Look

Just like the natural look, you need to wear as less makeup as possible. Avoid anything with oil content in it, and use water based makeup accessories that help your skin breathe. Water based makeup keeps your skin cool and pacified.

The Tips

  • Synchronize the makeup with your bridal gown. Contrasting both is also a great idea. If your wedding dress is going to be light in color, then wear bolder makeup and vice versa.
  • Synchronize it with the weather and time of the day. For example, if it is evening, let the makeup be bolder.
  • While selecting the makeup accessories, gradually short list the ones which you are comfortable with. Try it at least 10 times before your wedding and take the recommendations of your bridesmaids.
  • Avoid anything that looks uncomfortable, artificial, and odd. Your skin must also be in complete harmony with the makeup.
  • Ask your bridesmaids to carry a powder compact, lip balm, and tissues with them, so that you can add touch ups to your makeup whenever you want.
The best bridal makeup is the one which is simple and yet suits you. Remember not to panic, if your look doesn't turn out as expected; just smile and be happy, as it makes you look ten times more beautiful than you already are.