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Endearing Bridal Shower Cake Designs

Aishwarya Nirmal Sep 29, 2018
A bridal shower is an occasion to give good wishes to the bride. There are numerous ways to make the party interesting, one of them being, to make a creative cake. Here are some ideas...
A bridal shower is an age-old tradition that originated with the intention of helping the to-be-wed by gifting them various items that they require for setting up a new household. Nowadays, it is celebrated with an additional purpose of fun, reuniting with old friends, and showing love and support to the bride-to-be.
Hosted by the bridesmaid, this event is not as formal as the wedding. You need to have a party menu, and a cake that reflects customs followed by the couple.

Towel Cake

A towel cake can be used as a support to hold some items that are to be gifted to the bride. It is very easy to make a towel cake; all you need are a few towels of varying size. Fold the towels lengthwise and roll them to make a layer of the cake.
Each towel roll will form a layer of the cake, depending on its size. Keep the roles in place by tying silk ribbons around them. Place the gifts you have got for the bride along the circumference of the different layers. The gift items can represent a particular theme, like kitchen items, accessories, or cosmetic products, all stacked up on the cake.


Cupcakes are a convenient and creative way to present dessert to the guests. The cupcake designs can be a box with a ring, a tiara and veil design, a wedding dress, two hearts, cupid-shaped, etc.
You can have the couple's name or initials engraved on the cupcakes, or have their photos made on the cakes with edible ink. If the party is a themed one, the cupcake can be designed according to the theme.

Sheet Cake

Sheet cakes are the rectangular, single-layered cakes, that are very easy to make. This gives the freedom to decorate the top of the cake with numerous creative and humorous designs, due to the huge flat surface.
You can draw anything on the cake with edible ink; it can be the couple's photo, or a unique idea could be to write the couple's romantic story on the cake. Romantic and marriage quotes can also be written on it.

Multi-tiered Cake

These cakes are tall and are designed for the marriages. You can have a unique design, wherein, you can draw the most important aspects of a woman's life on each layer, like the wedding on the lowest layer, a child on the second layer, another kid on the next layer, and so on.
Another idea is to write the couple's love story on each layer according to the different events that took place in their love life.

Cake Quotes

You can write romantic or humorous quotes about marriage on the cake. Quotes can be written otherwise also to wish good luck to the bride. Poems can be another option for ornamenting the cake.

Theme Cake

Nowadays, bridal showers are celebrated through theme parties. The decorations, party procedure, gifts, and games are organized according to a particular theme. At such times, cakes are inevitably made as per the theme.
A bridal shower is an occasion of bidding farewell to the single life of the bride. The ideas for the cake are mostly suggested by the bridesmaid, who is either a close friend or relative, and knows the bride's likings well. Choosing the appropriate design for the cake is a very important aspect of this party.