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Unique Bridal Shower Centerpieces

Sujata Iyer Nov 25, 2018
If you're thinking about what bridal shower centerpiece you can use for the shower that you're in charge of, let's see some ideas on the same.
So, the great responsibility of throwing a bridal shower for your friend has landed on your able shoulders. You're happy because you're pretty good at getting things done. Plus, she's a close friend and you want everything to be just perfect. You do have a wedding to compete with so why not ensure that you put up the best bridal shower ever?!
To do so, you'll need to take care of the slightest of details including food, favors, room decorations, table decorations, etc. Centerpieces for tables at the shower can give the party a whole new look! Here are some ideas for easy bridal shower centerpieces that you can even make at home.

Ideas for Bridal Shower Centerpieces

Table decorations for bridal showers are not that difficult to decide. If you have a sense of design and are resourceful (does not translate to stingy), you can have a fabulous table decoration and it won't cost the world! Let's look at some centerpiece ideas that you can incorporate into your bridal shower theme.


No woman, in her right mind, denies chocolate. Whether it's dark, white, milk, plain, with nuts or whatever kind. Chocolate is completely irresistible. How about turning this passion for chocolate into one of the most delicious edible bridal shower centerpieces ever!
For this, you can have two options. Either get a fountain of flowing molten chocolate that fills into a huge bowl from which you can serve your guests. Else, you can have a beautiful figure carved out of chocolate. And as you reach dessert, simply cut off chunks and serve them to your guests with some ice-cream!

Wedding Dress

Another good spinster party centerpiece idea. What you have to do is, have a local tailor or seamstress sew a miniature version of your friend's wedding gown. The same fabric, the same pattern, design, everything!
Place it at a height, in a large white tray that contains water. Add white rose petals in the water and have small white lights surrounding the centerpiece, shining their lights on the dress, giving it a surreal aura!


May sound a tad (or a lot more) cliché, but flowers are a super option for fall centerpieces. Nothing like fresh and fragrant flowers to add to the mood of the already joyous room!
If you've planned the shower with a theme, then it only makes sense to use flowers of colors that match the theme. Else, experiment with your creativity and have a furor of colors and fragrances, arranged in a seemingly haphazard manner and make your own fabulous floral centerpiece.


Another great, and quite popular idea, is candles. And why not! Candle centerpieces are elegant, they look gorgeous, and they add that feeling of love into the atmosphere. You can have a gorgeous pillar candle centerpieces.
Else, you can have a set of small candles, in antique candle holders. You can also have a glass bowl filled with water. Add a few drops of dye or ink (in the color of your choice) to the water. Then have a bunch of floating candles in it. Add a few gerberas and daisies, to have a candle cum gerbera daisy centerpiece!
So, what do you think? Don't you agree that these ideas are quite simple to follow and don't really cost that much? So, go on and get an incredible centerpiece that will take everyone's breath away!