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Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Throwing your friend a bridal shower and clueless about what to get her? There's really no need to break your head over that. Simply refer to the following article on bridal shower gift ideas and draw inspiration.
Wedessence Staff
Your friend is getting married next month and you're planning to surprise her with the best bridal shower party ever. For that, you need everything to be just prefect. The bridal shower cake, the sleazy decor, the booze, the music... and the overload of memories. All that has been taken care of, but you're still clueless about what to gift her. You want some unique, out of the box, bridal shower gift ideas for the occasion, and you definitely don't want it to be the same old same old gifts that have been hashed and rehashed over the centuries. If only you had some unique bridal shower ideas, right? What are we here for then? Boy do we have the perfect solution for you. If it is ideas for bridal shower gifts you want, then that is exactly what you'll have. So stop stressing and start reading about some really fun and creative gift ideas for the bridal shower.
Gift Ideas for Bridal Shower
Before giving you some gift ideas, there is something that needs to be discussed. When throwing a bridal shower and planning for a gift for it, the first thing you need to do is determine the closeness with the bride. Because depending on that, you will have to come up with the gift ideas. You cannot give a bride that you hardly know, or are not really that close to, some really expensive gift. That is not needed and might even embarrass her.
Wedding/Honeymoon Basket
One of the best and most sensible gifts is to present the bride with a honeymoon or wedding survival kit. It has all the essentials that a bride will need on that special day or the special trip. Who says you have to buy a ready-made one? Just get your thinking wheels running and get her something you know she'll love. Something personal and that tops her favorites list. It seems simple, and yet is so touching. She'll cherish the feeling of the close bond that you guys share.
Kinky Kit
This one's for if you're really, really close to the bride. Go to a sex shop and get her the most kinky and erotic things you'll find there. A copy of the 'Kama Sutra', edible underwear, glow in the dark underwear, lingerie with music, vibrators―anything that you can laugh about, but which she can obviously use.
Home Setters
Many times, one ends up giving gifts that are limited to the occasion of the wedding or honeymoon. Nothing wrong with that, but if you believe in planning for the future, then here's something that you could really do. The bride will be starting a new life, she'll be setting up a new home, which is not easy, to say the least. So why not help her out with that? Get together with your friends and contribute to buy her a really good quality dinner set, or piece of furniture or something you'll know she'll be making good use of. She'll be reminded of your thoughtfulness every time she sees the gift.
Sponsor a Deed
You could sponsor a handyman for her, or a gardener or someone whose services she'll be needing to set up her place. She'll be thrilled that she can design her new home the way she wants.
And More...
  • If you're in doubt, just present her with a gift certificate from a major store and she can choose her gift for her own. Simple and effective.
  • Sexy lingerie and negligee is always a hot favorite.
  • Something unique like a pillow set with the slogans―"Now!" and "I Have a Headache" ... If you know what I mean. Cheeky. Very, very cheeky.
  • A cookbook with all the dishes that double as aphrodisiacs.
  • Membership to a spa/health club.
  • Then there's the whole collection of 'Mr and Mrs', that you can choose from-T-shirts, mugs, key chains.
  • Have a personalized name plate carved for the couple.
These are some gift ideas for the bridal shower that you can take from, and then go about gifting the bride-to-be a gift that she'll remember for life.