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6 of the Best Bridal Shower Table Decorations You've Ever Seen

Bridal Shower Table Decorations
Bridal shower is a memorable event awaited with much anticipation by every bride to be. So, let us churn some ideas on bridal shower table decorations and make the event even more festal.
Narayani Karthik
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
"A Bridal Shower is being held
For a very special Bride
So please use this handy bag
To tuck an extra gift inside."

Bridal shower is a festive occasion that helps the bride to reminisce the memorable moments of her past life and enjoy the joyous moments that await her post marriage. The bride is bestowed with many gifts that assist in her matrimonial life ahead. This particular event in a bride's life is a time to remember! So to make this occasion a big success, the bride's family start preparing for the bridal shower beforehand. Making invitations, decorations and arranging for catering emerge as major responsibilities for the bride's family in the checklist.
Ideas for Decorating a Bridal Shower Table
Go White
Go White
White is a symbol of purity. White cloth when draped across the table gives a fresh look to the room. One can also have feisty designs of fruits and vegetables around the table cloth border. White napkins and white plates with matching silverware can be used as table accessories. To be more ornamental, one may push the white napkins through heart-shaped cookie cutters to give a look of napkin ring.
Place a crystal glass vase on the table adorned with lovely white roses and your table looks elegant! One can also sprinkle the tablecloth with glitter or heart-shaped confetti in shades of pink and silver. This adds festivity to the appearance of the table.
Centerpieces - Heart of the Table
A centerpiece is the thing that reflects the mood of the function - romance! A fully draped table is always incomplete without a centerpiece! So, here you go with some ideas on bridal shower centerpieces for tables! Keep a stainless steel bowl containing mixed fruit near the table center and light a colorful candle in the center of the table.
To enhance its elegance, one can plant herbs around the candle. A cake as a centerpiece is also a great idea where the cake can be upheld by a pedestal cake plate. One can also go simple by keeping a flower vase with a cluster of red roses as the centerpiece! After all red symbolizes love.
Party Favors
Party Favors
A bridal shower table always has beautifully wrapped party favors that are bound to catch everyone's eyes. Goody bags and crystal punch bowls make good party favors. Some other common party favors are - Small heart candles, miniature manicure sets, pastel favor cases, mini candy jars, custom make up bags, personalized napkins, guest books and mall spice packets with measuring spoons.
One can also make homemade favors such as candles, cards and seeds of the bride's favorite flowers for the event. Favors also make good centerpieces.
Floral Dressing
Floral Dressing
Tables and flowers should complement each other perfectly! One idea is to keep a flower vase with a single rose and scatter rose petals on the tablecloth, or you can choose flowers of pastel hues for the table. Floral arrangements should be according to the theme as well. For instance, you may select daisies and sunflowers if it is a country side bridal shower. Artificial flowers, when combined with candles, also make excellent decorating pieces on the table.
Candles and Romance
Candles and Romance
Nothing beats the essence of candles when it comes to creating an atmosphere of romance as candles and romance always go hand in hand. For a romantic evening in a bridal shower party, soft lighting with richly scented candles held by a candelabra gives a regal look to the table. For small tables, floating candles placed in a bowl of water suits well. Pillar candle centerpieces can also be used.
Menu on the Table
Menu on the Table
The most important part of the impeccable table decoration is the food. Presenting food on the table is also an art. The bride's bowl is mostly a champagne punch that is used as a toast for good times and well-being of the bride. Some best suggested appetizers for the evening are crab quiche and shrimp and tortellini salad.
The main course could comprise roasted turkey breast seasoned with herbs and served with sandwich rolls. Calla lily cookies and mini lemon cheesecakes make good desserts for a bridal shower.
If the bride is interested in a beach side bridal shower, use a striped tablecloth of blue or yellow to create a nautical atmosphere. One can create seashell napkin rings by sticking the miniature seashells to the napkin rings. For centerpieces, one can fill a bowl with water and add some starfishes, pebbles and blue marbles. White floating candles can also be used as they make very elegant centerpieces. Ocean scented candles can also be used for decorating the table, making the evening all the more beguiling and romantic.

Bridal shower is once-in-a-lifetime event and needs to be made memorable. This event need not be elaborate but could be conducted in a simple manner, yet soigné. And, don't forget the camera to freeze these precious moments for eternity. Well, then experiment these ideas and share your experiences with us!
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