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Most Beautiful Bridal Trends for 2019

Sujata Iyer Jan 9, 2019
The upcoming year is bringing you 'your special day'? Have you started planning for your fairy tale wedding? And, are you a little confused about the latest trends? Don't worry, here are some of the latest bridal ensembles for you!
Have a look at these top designs that rule the trends for bridal dresses, veils, hairstyles, and makeup!

Bridal Dress Trends

Add A Hint Of Black

If you think the equation of weddings and white has gone on for too long, go for black dress or capelets, shoes or ribbons to add a hint of black to your white dress.
The black and white combination is perfect and it'll give you the most unique photographs of your day! You can wear a white knee-length dress and show off your black shoes. You can also give yourself a stylish and classy look by adding a plain black ribbon.

Go Formal

If the typical ball gown has never been your thing, go for formals this year! This trend is pretty new and unique. You can wear white trousers or pants, a white top with a full sleeve white jacket, and be super comfortable throughout the wedding.
Tie-up your hair, some glossy eye makeup, and you're ready as the new bride! You don't have to change again for the dance and you'll savor every moment of your wedding.

Put A Bow On It!

The traditional silhouettes are back with a major change.
Oversized bows can give your traditional gown a completely different look. It adds a little fun and femininity to simple, plain gowns. Bows have always been a part of weddings, but we tie them just around the waist.
This year's trend shows gowns with bows at the shoulders on one of its sides and backless dresses with bows at the end. So, put an oversized bow on your dress and get undivided attention from your groom.

Bare Shoulder

You can never get tired of these dresses. They are timeless, sophisticated and have rightfully ruled for ages. Off-shoulder dresses can give you a sensational and dazzling look. With the right accessories, you'll be the most beautiful bride!

Tiered Gown

If you think a colored gown was a bit unorthodox, go for this tiered wedding gown and know that you're going to love it!
There's something about the layers and layers of luxurious fabric falling from the waist, that a lot of brides and designers seem to simply love. Get a gown or a dress, straight or flowing, but get a tiered one if you want to be the bride who's totally worth it.

Mini Dress

Why should a bridal dress be a one time wear? Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime ceremonies, however many women are opening up to the idea of being able to wear the bridal dresses long after the wedding day.
Mini dresses can be paired with jackets and trendy accessories, so that they can be worn again at different occasions.

Bridal Gloves

It's going to be 2019 and you want to experiment with your D-Day look and give it that polished touch? Try pairing beautiful bridal gloves such as sheer, wrist or elbow-length barely-there-gloves with your wedding dress. It will definitely elevate its elegance!

Cape Or Capelets

Veils that conceal just the eyes of the bride are no longer used and style has moved beyond that. Extra long veils that extend till your waist are now trending.
They can also be replaced by Capes or Capelets for a similar effect. Who doesn't love the idea of something trailing behind while walking down the aisle? Lace or a sheer cape with a choker style neck will definitely compliment your stunning wedding gown.

Bridal Hair Trends


There's a trend of waterfall braids which you can't ignore. In this style, you keep half of the hair up and let the other half down like a waterfall. You can wear it in many ways with whole back side or with partial side. You can also do your hair in parallel braids and get a fancy fairy tale look.

Floral Crown

A flower crown can enhance and transform a simple updo. Give your messy updo even more of romantic vibes with a flower crown of daisies, pink astilbe and roses. You can also don a half-up half-down hairstyle and show off your locks while wearing a delicate flower crown for that ethereal look.

Makeup Trends

Smokey Eyes With Nude Lip Color

The first and hottest trend of the bridal makeup scene is the smokey eyes. Dark eye shadow to accentuate your eyes is what you need for this. To make sure that your eyes have all the attention, color your lips in a fairly neutral shade. Nude, glossy tones work best for this look.

Metallic Eyeliner

Here's a trend that was thought to be meant only for fashion models. Metallic tones are big, even in the bridal makeup arena this year.
Makeup with tints of gold and even bronze are being adapted by a lot of brides to complement the style of the jewelry used. If you have a sparkly gown then embrace it with metallic eyeliner. If you have green or blue eyes, then stroke a fine line of bronze or copper color eyeliner.

Bold Red Lips

A ruby red lipstick with bronze shadow across the eye will definitely catch everyone's attention.
Remember, if you're going for this look, you have to make sure that your jewelry is kept minimal (no jewelry except the ring would be perfect!), and you don't have splashes of color anywhere else in your ensemble.
You know what's great about these bridal trends? They can easily be interchanged to get a mesmerizing look of your choice. So, don't stick to just the looks given here. Mix and match them to suit your style and personality and have a wonderful wedding!