Bride Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Fending off last minute fiasco becomes much easier if you have an emergency kit in hand. With tiny necessities stashed up in this kit, as and when minuscule issues emerge on the wedding day, one is prepared to deal with them ...
It's always wise to be prepared for any kind of emergencies on the nuptial day. No matter how organized you are, there will always be some minuscule emergencies that prop up on the wedding day.
Among the several responsibilities of the maid of honor, one is getting this emergency kit ready. A prudent maid of honor would not look upon the kit as a burden, but as a privilege to play such an important role in salvaging potentially disastrous situations. A disaster management bride wedding day bag always comes in handy.
Bride Wedding Day Checklist
The kit need not be a big one. A small, handy, travel bag is perfect. However, it's best if it has several compartments. This helps keep things organized inside the bag. Thus, while picking out the bag, make sure it has enough compartments and pockets. Buying a cosmetic roll would be a good idea as it helps stash up scores of tiny necessities in the least amount of space.
For the Attire
You never know when disaster strikes! The groom may accidentally step on the bride's trail and rip its lace, or the veil may get caught somewhere and develop a slight tear. To handle such situations, it's best to have a needle and thread in the kit. You should even have some extra lace and satin roses in the kit. This will help repair tears in the gown, and the lace and satin flowers will mask the tear beautifully. Also keep safety pins, extra pantyhose, handkerchiefs, wet wipes, etc., in the kit. Don't forget to keep sanitary napkins or tampons in the bag. Moreover, a spot remover should also be kept in the bag. Also keep shoe polish and a brush in the kit. You never know when the groom may need it.
Cosmetic Needs
Mirror, hair brush, hair spray, bobby pins, clear nail polish, nail file, baby powder, deodorants, perfumes, hand lotion, and bridal makeup in the kit. For outdoor summer weddings, you will need suntan lotions and sunscreens. Earrings backs are often lost in all the commotion. Thus, it would be great if you keep an extra pair of earring backs in the kit. Also keep hair clips and hair elastics.
Health Aids
A minor headache or upset stomach can suck out all the joy and excitement on the wedding day. Have a small first aid pouch ready which contains common medicines for headache, stomach upset, acidity, etc. Also keep band aids, an antiseptic, eye drops, cotton swabs, smelling salts, breath mints, a small scissor, and any kind of allergy medicines, if the bride is allergic to something. You need to check with the bride regarding any specific medicines she requires. Keeping a small toothbrush, toothpaste tube, mouthwash, and floss would also be good.
Other General Requirements
Keep a small bottle of water, some candies and crackers in the bag. Moreover, don't forget to keep a diary in the kit, which has all the phone numbers of wedding coordinators, caterers, photographers, and other vendors. You never know whom you will need to call at the last minute. Also keep some disposable cash in the bag. Depending on the season, keep an umbrella, a shawl, etc., in the kit. Keeping super glue is also a good idea. You never know what breaks and needs fixing.
The things required in the kit will vary from one bride to another, and one culture to another. Add or subtract things as per your requirement. It's obvious that you wouldn't need all the items on the wedding day. However, an ounce of precaution is always better than a pound of cure.