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Beautiful Bridesmaid Bouquets

Aparna Jadhav Nov 26, 2018
Just like the bridal bouquet, there are many designs and ideas available for bridesmaid bouquets as well. Here are some of these ideas.
Even though wedding day is the bride's time of looking her best, her bridesmaids follow very closely as the second most beautiful ladies in the room. Their rich-colored elegant satin gowns, beautifully done hair, and the vibrantly fresh flowers in their hands often catch everyone's attention.
Flowers are a necessity at all weddings, and along with the bridal bouquet, the ones in the hands of bridesmaids and the Maid of Honor have to be beautiful too.
There are many ideas for making these lovely bouquets, and you can even make them yourself. The best part about them is that they can be made with unique flowers having colors that match the bridesmaids' dresses. Following are some of the ideas to create your own bouquets:

Hand-tied Posies

A bunch of flowers put together and tied up collectively is a very well-known bouquet design and many women prefer it as they are easy to make and look elegant too. They are also very convenient to hold and do not get too messy.
Let us take a look at how to make hand-tied posies in a few simple steps:

Things You Need:
  • 5 stalks of Casablanca lilies
  • 5 stalks of Ivory roses
  • White ribbon
  • Wire
  • Scissors
  • Green tape
  • Trim the flower stalks to the desired length. Make sure you pick both half-bloomed and fully-bloomed flowers as they look beautiful together.
  • With a wire, tie all the flowers together by the stalks to make a bouquet. Also, make sure you have put enough foliage so that the bouquet does not look too empty.
  • Once the wire has held the flowers in place, cover the stalks with a green tape so they are compact and neatly held.
  • If the flowers are not pointing upwards, put some more foliage around the posy to hold them in center.
  • Tie a ribbon around the stalk and make a lovely big bow with it. You can use any flowers with strong stalks to make these posies.

Overarm Bouquets

These bouquets are meant to be held over your arm so that they fall like a trail. They look very elegant and are generally preferred for bridal bouquets, but the smaller ones can also be used for the bridesmaids. You can use calla lilies, orchids, gladiolas, carnations, etc., to make overarm bouquets as they are colorful and elegant.
The colors that can be used are red, lavender, ivory, yellow, pink, and orange. You have to follow the same procedure as mentioned earlier to make these, but make sure you keep the lengths of the stalks uneven with the shorter ones in the beginning and then the longer stalks.


They are unique and look very presentable with the bridesmaids' gowns.
They are balls made of flowers and have a ribbon running through them for holding. Pomanders are made mostly with roses as they have sturdy stalks and are held together easily. You can have them in extravagant colors like red, ivory, yellow, pink, orange, black, purple, and many more.
Gerbera, sunflowers and Casablanca lilies can also be used to make attractive and colorful pomanders. Thus with so many ideas, you must have found the style of your choice. You can come up with some of your own ideas as well and make these lovely bridesmaid bouquets all by yourselves.