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Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

These Gift Ideas for All Your Bridesmaids are Simply Brilliant

A bridesmaid plays a significant role at a wedding, following certain instructions on how to walk down the aisle, help the bride during the church proceedings, and make sure her veil doesn't get in the way. To shower your appreciation on your bridesmaid with a little something special, check out these gift ideas that she is sure to adore.
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
A wedding is incomplete without a bridesmaid; a bride needs the help and support of a friend or loved one, who knows exactly what she needs during the wedding. A bridesmaid is usually told what is expected of her as part of the proceedings, making sure that everything falls into place. A little token of appreciation goes a long way in acknowledging her presence and assistance. These bridesmaid gift ideas should help you pick something that she will always remember you by, even when things get a little ugly here and there during the preparations prior to the big day.
Out-of-the-Box Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
Spa Certificate
Who wouldn't love being gifted a spa session that is invigorating and heavenly, to the say the least? Let your bridesmaid cool off by sending her to the spa for a head-to-toe massage or similar pampering session, that calls for complete rest and relaxation. It's not just the bride that deserves the attention, but her entourage of trusty bridesmaids. If you have more than one bridesmaid, you can look into spa offers that provide group discounts.
Customized Tote Bag
Have a special message printed on a recyclable tote bag that the bridesmaid can cherish for years to come. Something like, 'To my favorite girl in the whole, wide world', 'I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you, darling. Love, (your name)', 'I'm the coolest bridesmaid on the block', and the like. There's nothing more perfect than a custom-made gift that reminds someone of you in the fondest of ways.
Silk Jewelry Pouch
Another inexpensive but unique bridesmaid gift, is a personalized jewelry pouch. Take a picture of you and your bridesmaid before heading to a store that can have it printed on the pouch. You can include a 'Thank you' near the bottom, so that she knows how much you appreciate her for all that she's done in the past couple of months.
Discount Coupon
She can shop to her heart's delight using the discount coupon to slice her shopping expenses by half. After all the running around that she's done, she surely deserves to shop at leisure at her favorite store (if you know which one it is). If she's not fond of shopping for clothes, you can always gift her a coupon of something she particularly loves, like books, beauty products, kitchenware, and the like.
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