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Brooches for Wedding Dresses

Complementary Brooch Ideas for Wedding Dresses for a Perfect Look

Choosing the right brooch for a wedding dress is not that difficult, but you must know how to use it aesthetically to complement your look. Let's check out some different kinds of brooches available.
Geeta Dhavale
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Wearing a brooch has become a forgotten fashion accessory when it comes to weddings. The bride-to-be is overwhelmed with other stuff, be it her wedding ring, jewelry, wedding gown, or shoes. But what they forget is that the smallest of things can enhance the look of a bride. One such small, yet deciding thing, is a brooch. It can take the look of your wedding dress to an entire new level.
Design Choices
Brooches are available in various beautiful designs that will surely add glamor to your wedding dress. If your dress is too simple, then a dazzling brooch can make it look like a designer one. Given below are some of brooch designs that you can consider embellishing your wedding dress with.
  • Floral: Floral brooches are one of many all-time favorites. They look very feminine and elegant. You can choose from myriad floral designs such as, roses, orchids, and daisies, with vine additions. Large floral brooches are much in vogue these days due to their versatility.
  • Vintage: This is another good option when it comes to wedding dresses. With them, you stand a chance to play with a variety of designs, colors, and stones, that can help you get the perfect look.
  • Gemstones: If you wish to make a simple, yet unique style statement, then gemstone brooches are an ideal option. They are available in a variety of colors that help you find a matching brooch, effortlessly.
  • Designer: If you are looking for something unique, then designer brooches are best choice. These fashionable brooches are available in unique and abstract designs that can also be custom-made.
Options to Consider
Selecting the wedding brooch in the right material is also very important. The material has to be compatible with the design of the brooch, your dress, and overall theme of the wedding. Given below are some of the materials which add to the beauty of a brooch.
  • Gold: If you wish to have a flashy, yet classy look for your dress, then nothing can serve this purpose better than gold brooches. This sought-after sophisticated brooch will never be out of fashion and if it ever does, it will never lose its value and quality for sure.
  • Silver: This is a cost-effective and versatile metal that allows you to experiment with various designs, and gives a sleek look, too, for those who wear a brooch made of this.
  • Diamonds: A diamond; every woman's best and most cherished friend. Be it solitaire or crushed-diamond, it is sure to make heads turn. It is quite easy to team up diamond brooches with any kind of wedding dress, as they look good with almost anything.
Apart from this, you can also explore brooches made from white gold, platinum, and pearls.
Brooch in the shape of a bow
Silver Jewelry with Diamonds and Perl
Vintage Heart Pin
Crystal bow brooch on red scarf
Vintage brooch
Brooch with colored stones
Antique Broach