How to Plan a Butterfly Themed Wedding

If you wish to have a summer or spring wedding, you could opt for a butterfly themed wedding. From the wedding cake, to the couple's outfits, venue decorations, and the food, everything can be customized with hints of butterflies and their motifs. Look no further from this article that gives you amazing ideas to design the perfect butterfly wedding.
Wedessence Staff
The elegance, delicacy, and myriad of colors and patterns in a butterfly has always amazed us. Using this symbol of love as a wedding theme is certainly one of the best ways to make the ceremony memorable, for you as well as for your guests. This article gives you a head start with a few ideas that you could incorporate when planning a butterfly themed wedding.
Wedding Invitations
You can hire a professional wedding card dealer or make them yourself, if you have enough time. You may download free invitation templates from wedding websites and use them for making cute invitation cards. You may include butterfly quotes in them that can relate to the wedding. For example, the quote by Jeffrey Glassberg, which says, Beautiful and graceful, varied and enchanting, small but approachable, butterflies lead you to the sunny side of life. And everyone deserves a little sunshine.
Wedding Decorations
All the table decorations, including the card holders, the table tops, chair covers, and the centerpieces can be decorated with this theme. You can make beautiful wedding centerpieces with the combination of flowers and artificial butterflies. If you want to prepare floating centerpieces, then you can make nice use of floating butterfly candles and confetti. Tall candles can also be used for centerpieces and these can be wrapped in satin ribbons and butterfly embellishments can be attached at the top. These candles can be placed in candle stands with butterfly designs and other accessories. Use table tops and chair covers that have intricate designs with butterflies on them. Even the card holders with the name of the guests can be theme-based. Make sure the color of these accessories complement each other. The wedding cake can be decorated with butterfly cake toppers and icing.
Wedding Favors
The favors presented to guests should complement the wedding theme. Butterfly-shaped key chains, bookmark favors, candle holders, photo frames, place card holders, wine stoppers, etc., are some ideas. Even handmade favors can be decorated with miniature butterflies that are easily available at the craft stores. You may also bake butterfly-shaped cookies and chocolates and wrap them in lace cloths or simply place them in decorative boxes.
Wedding Attire
The bride and the bridesmaids can wear gowns with small embedded butterfly designs or they can sew the appliqué butterfly designs on their dresses. These appliqués can be attached near the sleeves or near the neckline. Small fabric butterflies can be used for enhancing the hairstyles.
If you could have real butterflies fluttering around the wedding venue, that could take the celebrations to an entirely different and beautiful level. However, if this is not at all possible, you could beautify the surroundings with the ideas given above and have a magical wedding.
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