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Canary Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Rutuja Jathar Sep 29, 2018
Opting for colored diamonds in an engagement ring would both mesmerize and thrill your beloved. Why not gift her a canary diamond ring to symbolize her sunlight-like presence in your life?
Nothing can beat the romance of proposing your beloved to be yours for the rest of her life. Every person hopes of proposing his love uniquely, with a special engagement ring. By far, the most famous tradition is proposing with a glistering diamond ring!

About Diamond Rings

Diamond rings have been presented as a symbol of love and togetherness since eternity. They can be found in a huge variety of colors as well, among which, some are natural and some are artificially created.
They are mostly colorless, highly reflective, and sparkling, and have rainbow hues. The price of a diamond differs with its reflective quality and are generally quite expensive.
While a white diamond is a classy choice for many, there are some among us who don't want to miss out on having some colors around.
Colored diamonds are available in different shades such as orange, brown, blue, red, pink, green, and yellow. Color does not compromise their quality and elegance. A diamond gains its sparkle during crystallization. More heat and pressure on a diamond gives it more glitter and hue.

Why Canary Diamond Rings

The yellow-colored diamond is not just another ordinary gemstone. It is of only yellow color and has no hint of any other shades, such as green or brown, that darken the stone.
It has a sheer bright yellow color like the 'canary bird', hence, it is called a 'canary yellow diamond'. Also, it is one of the rarest diamond which is slowly gaining popularity for its peculiar charm!
Along with symbolizing eternal commitment and love, canary diamonds are also the symbol of bright sunshine, tremendous joy, prosperity, and cheerfulness.
Traditionally, yellow symbolizes the zodiac sign Leo, which makes this diamond a popular choice among people born under this sun sign. The color 'canary' is also associated with military, making it a popular choice among military couples.

Trends of Canary Yellow Diamond Rings

Whatever makes you choose a canary yellow diamond, your task is still half done until you choose (and show off) your pick in the best possible manner.
Setting : Setting types are described by the mounted position of the gemstone. Many people opt for the definitive Tiffany setting, with its outward simplicity and traditional look.
Invisible setting is also a conventional way in which the diamond is rested in a cup and connected with a split or bypass design. Selecting an unusual personalized setting will always help you make your pick more unique.
The metal usedIt is a common assumption that using traditional yellow gold will highlight the canary diamond, but it sometimes acts in a negative way. The gold may cut the glittering appearance of the diamond and make it look dull. Other metal forms with their monochrome hues, allow these yellow diamonds to sparkle all the more.
Accent : Using several complimentary gems such as orange or red semiprecious stones, can enhance the look of this ring. Some couples choose this diamond to compliment the central main white diamond.
Canary yellow diamonds are sometimes difficult to obtain due to their rarity. Propose your bride-to-be with this rare engagement ring, and it will definitely pave way for the answer you are waiting for―yes!