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Candle Centerpiece Ideas for a Romantic and Beautiful Ambience

Smita Pandit Feb 17, 2019
Candle centerpieces certainly enhance the decor and create a romantic ambiance. Read up this write-up to know a few interesting ways to use them.
When it is about decorating a venue for party, may it be a wedding or a reception, you can certainly add a touch of elegance by using a unique candle centerpiece. However, you must to ensure that its size is in accordance with the overall setting.
Remember, the decorative item should never obstruct the conversations since parties are about getting together. Keeping that in mind, look for such shapes and sizes of metal, crystal, or glass candle holders and decorative candles that do not disturb the people at a party and decorate the venue by placing them in unique ways.

Ideas for Candle Centerpieces

Floating candle centerpieces simply look amazing. Here's how these could be used to decorate the venue for a wedding.
★ The good part is you just need some pebbles, glass bowls, candles, and water to set them up. Look for candles with an interesting shape and vibrant colors.
★ You could choose ceramic bowls, plain glass holders, or votive glass holders.
★ You could use a mirrored base. Place the mirror on the center and put the glass bowl or glass holder on it. Fill it with plain water/tinted water and place the colorful floating candles on it. You could add water pearls, rose petals, and light the scented candles. The mirror will reflect the soft glow and the ornamental work of the candle holder.
★ You could also use pillar candle holders. Floral arrangements around them look extremely elegant, but make sure that keep the wedding theme and color scheme in mind.
★ You can make use of candelabra or votive candle holders along with floral arrangements.
★ Decorative candles will surely look beautiful on pillar candle holders. You can also use flowers, ribbon, and confetti.
★ You could even buy hurricane lamps and add coffee beans to it. Place the candles and enjoy the soft glow of the candle along with the fragrance of coffee beans.
If you wish to decorate your home for a romantic dinner and don't wish to shell out a lot of money, all you need to do is buy small glass jars and inexpensive richly scented candles. The market is flooded with all types of candles and you could select according to your budget.
★ Place the candle in the glass jar and tie a fancy ribbon around the top of the jar.
★ You could fill up water in a small glass bowl and place small scented floating candles and decorate with petals.
★ You could also keep small tea light candle lamps or candle trays.
★ If you want a candle bouquet centerpiece, place three pillared candles of different sizes so as to make a triangular shape and tie them together using a ribbon and tie a bow to keep them in place. Placing them over a mirrored base. Scattering some streamers around would certainly look beautiful.
★ If you have a glass vase at home, you could place a scented candle and decorate it using floral rocks and ribbons. Make sure you light them just before your guests arrive.
Let the soft glow of the candle and the design elements in your attention-grabbing centerpieces make the whole ambiance romantic and beautiful. Remember, creativity is the key.