Heart-explodingly Adorable Candy Bars at Wedding Receptions

Candy Bars at Wedding Receptions
Are you not obsessed with the idea of candy bars at wedding reception? I am! Candy bars at the receptions are monstrously popular, as amazing visual displays for the guests can be created at these bars.
The motives behind the candy bar for a wedding reception can be different for different people. Some people believe that candy bars help guests to search and pick according to their personal sweet tooth. Some just want to be in a candy-land. Brides look forward to a dreamland where there are forests with gumdrops hanging from trees, chocolate running in rivers, and cottages made from chocolate bricks with pillars of peppermint sticks! But a candy buffet is not free. You have to pay a lot for special arrangements. You should think about your wedding budget twice, well in advance. A candy bar works best when planned by the eye and not the numbers. Stress should be laid more on the overall look and not on the quantity per guest. It can be a real hit with your guests, if it is well-organized.
Picking the Candy
To make it more significant, choose the lollies, candy you'd like to use, well in advance. You can use readily available candy, or order specialty candy and chocolate. You can even order candy that's personalized with the date, the bride and grooms' name or initials, and even sketches for a yummy personalized touch that matches the wedding theme and colors.

Lollies are inexpensive. Jelly bellies, super cute 'Conversation Hearts' with words 'LOVE', 'JOY', 'HOPE' can also be included. Colorfully wrapped lollies like milk-shakes and sherbies will be easy to pick. Pink and white heart-shaped lollipops are always a favorite, and will look great sticking out of the display. Musk sticks, mints, rock candy, marshmallows, foil-wrapped chocolates, lindt balls, jaffas, and bo-peeps are some of the other all-time favorites.

If you think that candies are not good for health, then nuts, cookies, or popcorn are good options. If you want to avoid chaos at the candy bar, you can individually wrap the favors in cellophane or little boxes with thank-you tags for guests, and display them gorgeously. Thus it can still be a feature of the wedding candy table without the hassle of guests filling bags.

For people with diabetes, you can arrange sugar-free hard candies. Similarly, make sure that you have separate jars for peanut free, milk free, and gluten-free candies. People with food allergies / intolerance, or those on special diets would be definitely happy to see such an arrangement.
Display Ideas
Antique candy decoration
Decide on a display. Imagine the look of the table, whether you want brightly colored, all one color, or any personalized suggestion will also do. You can display your candy in various ways like, in attractive jars and buckets, by creating beautiful candy centerpieces, lollipop topiaries, and more. Creativity will add fun to the reception party. The display should be visually appealing.
Candy doll
Orange Candy in a variety of jars
These days, you get a wide variety of jars, vases, and bowls. Glamorous looking apothecary jars will show off the lollies in such a way that just looking at them will make children jump with joy. The anticipation is palpable. While you can give a classic touch to the decoration with clear glass or crystal jars, glossy black glass will look modern and exclusive. Open topped bowls and vases look great with lollies overflowing out, and can also make life easy for guests.
Light-colored candies
Royal candy bar
One of the best wedding candy buffet ideas is including colorful sugar-coated almonds, which can match any theme in the candy bars. You can go glamorous with silver and gold almonds. Almonds represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health, and happiness. They may represent the bitter sweetness of a marriage too!
Pure white candies
If you have the space and large tables at the venue, you can display the wedding cake on the table to add to the overall look. It can draw guest's attention to it.
Pink and white candies
Colorful and attractive candles can be placed on the table. Floating candle centerpieces can add beauty to the d├ęcor.
Take Away Candy
Pink candies
Decide how you want your guests to take their candy with them. You can order personalized boxes, take home sachet bags, or little dishes. Even personalized trinket boxes, sachets, or bags with the date and the name of the newly married couple can be made. For goody bags, there are a zillion sized favor boxes with different prints, colors, and motifs. Plain boxes can be personalized with stickers or stamps. It will be a unique reception candy buffet, if you roll some pretty squares of paper into cones for guests to fill.
White and purple candies
Candy store look
After all, it's a mad, mad, mad world. 'Candy bar' is just a trend that people are enjoying right now. As the wedding day is an important day in the lives of bridegroom, bride, and their families, they wish to say 'thanks' to the guests, who have attended the wedding ceremony and become a part of their happiness. Arranging something special (sort of a gift) for the guests, has become a convention in marriage ceremonies. It serves both the purposes, reception decor and wedding favor. It is "the WOW factor" and also a feast for the eyes designed by the event manager.
Sweet table Candy Bar flowers
Candy bar