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Candy Wedding Favors

Candy wedding favors are almost always a hit with the guests, and are easy to put together in terms of packaging. Here's a look into some great ideas on putting together these delightful favors.
Wedessence Staff
All of you want your wedding perfectly planned to the last detail. From the invitations to the favors, everything has to be up to the mark. It is easy to miss out something or the other in the process, and a lot of you may fail to give due attention to the wedding favors you want to give out.
Candy wedding favors are always appreciated by a crowd. A majority of people have a sweet tooth and would love to take back home something they can enjoy over a few days. Guests will definitely appreciate these favors over the regular vases and photo frames. Moreover, these can also be used as centerpieces at your wedding, and then be handed out as favors. From candy bouquets to personalized tins of mint, there are a whole lot of choices for you to design these favors. Given here are some ideas that will help you put together some delicious, edible wedding favors. Take a look.
Ideas for Candy Favors
Candy favors can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you want them to be. It is up to you to decide how far you want to go with these. With some of the ideas mentioned here, you can easily come up with the different ways in which you would like to put these together and how much you would like to spend on them.
Candy Bouquets
Beautiful wedding favors that are bound to be loved by everyone, a bouquet full of delicious heart-shaped liquor filled chocolates are simply perfect as candy wedding favors. Of course, you can eliminate the liquor if the budget is tight, but a few chocolates can easily be decorated into a bouquet with paper leaves and stems. With the wrappers of the chocolates being in accordance with the colors of the wedding, finish off the bouquet with a pretty ribbon and a tag that says a thank you to the guests for sharing your happiness on the most special day of your life!
Personalized Chocolate Bars
Another way you can give out candy favors at your wedding is by having chocolate bars wrapped in personalized wrappers, with your name and wedding date on it, a personalized message from the two of you, or with even your photographs on them. Give out about five of these in a box, with the wrappers of the chocolates in a rainbow of colors, colors by the wedding theme, or in shades from light to dark. Beautiful, isn't it?
Candy Barrel
A variety of the most delicious candy can be put together in tiny barrels with your names engraved on these. Choose from mints, chocolates, or toffees, or even chocolate covered espresso beans. These look absolutely gorgeous and are particularly great if you are having a rustic wedding.
Mini Gumball Machines
Mini gumball machines are the most adorable favors you can give out at your wedding. Available at very low rates on various websites, these can be personalized with labels sporting your name and a message.
Monogrammed Lollipops
Those of you who don't want to give the regular chocolates can definitely give out delicious lollipops monogrammed with your initials. Further, you can have the lollipop with the bride's initials wrapped in white, while those of the groom can be wrapped in black. You can also instead choose to have them wrapped in pink and blue respectively. Decorate these further with ribbons and other embellishments, and put together a bunch of 6-8 as one wedding favor. These lollipops too can be decorated as bouquets and used as a centerpiece.
Cocktail Flavored Jelly Beans in Fancy Pouches
Jelly beans infused with various cocktail flavors are another great choice for candy favors. Put together a delicious mix in designer pouches with a message tag, and you are good to go. You can do these yourself and don't really have to have them made by someone professionally.
Finally, you can attempt some homemade wedding favors by making the candy yourself and wrapping it in different manners. Though it may be cheaper, it is definitely time-consuming. If you can manage it among all the wedding responsibilities, there would be nothing more personal than this. Hopefully you have been able to decide on the type of candy wedding favors you would like to give out. Have a happy wedding!
Monogrammed Lollipops
Mini Gumball Machines
Candy Bouquets