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Cascading Bridal Bouquets

Madhura Pandit Feb 6, 2019
Cascading bridal bouquets can be best described in one word - elegant! Here are some wonderful cascade wedding bouquet ideas and instructions to make them.
A cascade bridal bouquet is a floral arrangement where the flowers are so arranged as to create a waterfall or cascading effect. It is also known as the teardrop or a waterfall bouquet.
In the earlier times, these bouquets were much larger in size, however, today the bride can choose either a shorter or a longer one, depending on her style. One of the basic rules followed today is a short bridal bouquet for a shorter wedding gown and a large one with a large wedding gown and a veil.

Cascading Bouquet Ideas

  • Casablanca lilies have been used for bridal flowers since a long time and they are still a hot favorite.
  • Casablanca lilies paired with green ivy can make an elegant cascade bridal bouquet.
  • White roses, known as the bride's roses. White roses symbolize purity and unity in marriage hence, having a white rose bridal bouquet can help strengthen your wedding vows.
  • White lilies or calla lilies perfectly match or contrast the bridal outfit. White lilies can be paired with any greenery, pink, white or lavender silk ribbons.
  • Lastly, there is no tradition or a rule to include only a white bridal bouquet for a wedding. You can have a bouquet made of red roses, red lilies, yellow calla lilies, etc., to contrast the white bridal gown and stand out from the crowd.

How to Make a Cascade Bouquet

If you have planned a wedding on a budget, it is better to make your own cascading wedding bouquet to cut costs. Also, one may not be aware, but, it is easier to make this bouquet at home.

Things Required

  • Flowers of your choice
  • Greens of your choice
  • Ribbons
  • Holder
  • Florist tape
  • Scissors

Method of Preparation

► Firstly, buy a bouquet holder with a slanting handle and soak its head in water. Keep the holder straight in a vase or supported by pebbles or dry foam.
► Now, start arranging the greenery. Frame the outer edge of the bouquet with greens. This edge will determine the length of your bouquet.
► Once the outer edge is fixed, fill in the rest of the bouquet with the remaining greenery.
► Now, insert the flowers at the center of the bouquet. It is advisable to decide on what flowers to insert before starting the bouquet.
► Start inserting flowers along the edge with the heads of the flowers taller than the greenery and facing outwards. Also fill in the bouquet completely with flowers, with the heads of last ones bowed deep down for the cascade look.
► Seal the ends together with the tape and use a spray to give a finishing touch to the bouquet and help the flowers remain fresh.
Make a grand entry on your big day with your beautiful wedding gown and a complementing bouquet, and you are sure to steal the show! Good luck!