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Casual Wedding Attire

Here are some styles and patterns for the perfect casual wedding attire for men and women that will give you a fresh, young look on the special day.
Mamta Mule Oct 12, 2018
For a wedding with a casual dress code, dressing up is going to be a real fun. Skipping those formal outfits, you get a chance to dress like yourself. A casual attire for wedding also saves hundreds of dollars that you would spend in formal attire.
For beach weddings, many people decide to go for a casual theme. So, what's the right casual wedding attire for the bride and groom? Here's more about the same.

Casual Attire for the Bridegroom

With the casual wedding attire, you don't need to follow the dress code like other bridegrooms. It's about wearing something that reflects your style. Go for elegant looking and comfortable outfits and experiment according to your taste.
Groom can wear a regular suit with a nice tie.
Don a full sleeves, button-up shirt with a pair of slacks. Try flashy contrasts instead of matching colors. Dark-colored, lightweight comfortable suit is a good idea. A white shirt is the perfect thing to go for if it's a summer wedding. Winter wedding gives you a chance to add a warm, sober sweater to the entire attire and look uniquely stylish.

Casual Attire for the Bride

Casual wear gives you an opportunity to pick a dress that can be reused on special occasions after wedding. This is a good news for all would-be-brides, as no one wants to keep their dress in the closet for years after wedding. Formal wedding attire is usually too classy to be worn for later occasions and thus, stays in the wardrobe. So what are the options?
Strapless dresses are best to be worn while you dress up in an informal attire.
You can pick the colorful wedding gowns made using soft flowing fabrics. For summer wedding, a classy white, yellow or any light-colored sundress is a good idea. Flowery frocks are perfect choice.
Go for layered or filled dresses. You can have thin straps or wide transparent straps. Sundress gives you an extremely pretty look.A designer strapless dress or gown can be a perfect piece for casual wedding outfit. If you don't want to have it strapless, go for sleeveless or off-shoulders.
Necklines can be simple, v-shaped or square-shaped, or whatever that matches the dress style. Halter dresses or wedding sarongs are best ones to be worn for a casual beach wedding.
You can pick stylish, yet elegant looking design patterns in these. Remember to go for colors, instead of the white dresses. With casual attire you get more options in colors and materials as well. Dual colored dresses are superb ones to opt for.

Bride And Groom

With such outfits, both men and women can add trendy accessories. This attire gives you unlimited options from which you can choose one of the classic wedding attire. Go for colors and patterns which can't be added to the formal attire.
Bride and bridegroom can consider wearing complementing dresses that will give them a classy appearance. It's all about exploring your ideas and following what matches your taste and looking a smart couple.