Cheap Bridal Shower Centerpiece Ideas

Planning a shower and need ideas for cheap bridal shower centerpieces? Read the Wedessence article to some helpful suggestions that won't break your bank.
Wedessence Staff
A bridal shower, especially for the bride-to-be, is where she gets to spend some down time with her family and close friends. As she has been planning her wedding for some time now, a break is definitely in store. Which is why the shower can give her this much required rest where she can collect her thoughts, relax, laugh a little with her family and friends, and then get ready for the big day. Along with organizing the entire party, you (her maid of honor, sister, or friend) have to choose the venue, organize for food and beverages, invite guests, finalize the decorations, and pretty much plan the entire thing. But along with planning all that, don't forget to jazz up the venue with some amazing and gorgeous-looking centerpieces.
Flowers and Beans
I know this combination may raise your eyebrows but just hear me out first. Take clear, tall tumbler glasses and that many pink, red, orange, and/or white gerbera flowers. You can also keep the leaves on the stems. Now you will need pinto beans to fill the glasses. Fill about ΒΌ of the glasses with pinto beans, and place them in the middle of the table. Insert one flower in each glass in such a way that the flowers don't go above the rim of the glasses.
Colored Pebbles and Gems
Here's another creative centerpiece idea you can try. Get fancy glass bowls which are slightly wider from the top. In the bowls, place colored pebbles, gems, and marbles (don't mix them; place them in different bowls), and keep them in the middle of the table and around the room. You can even turn this concept a bit more by getting small, round fish bowls and place the pebbles in with colorful fish. It will really surprise the bride-to-be and the guests.
Candles and Coffee Beans
To make this centerpiece, get tea light candles, small, round glass bowls, hemp twine, and coffee beans. Wrap the bowls with hemp twines in the middle, and fill coffee beans till that level. Place the tea light candles, and light them at the time of the party.
Champagne Glasses
I'm sure I got your complete attention now. Place champagne glasses in the middle of the table with either jelly bellies or champagne candies. Of course, we need the champagne as well. Arrange all the items on the table, and let the guests handle it from there.
Flowers and Floating Candles
Now before you think this is a cliche idea, think again. To make this centerpiece, you'll need clear, tall tumbler glasses, floating candles, white Freesia flowers, and white and brown pebbles. Place the pebbles in the bottom of the glasses, and insert one flower in each glass in the pebbles so they don't move. Fill the glasses with water, and place a floating candle on top. Light the candles when the guests begin to arrive.
While planning a wedding, it's better to keep as many expenses low as possible. That way, you can plan an affordable wedding that doesn't take a toll on you.
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