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Cheap Wedding Decorations for Church

Aparna Jadhav Nov 24, 2018
If you are worried about shelling out too much on wedding decorations, there are many cheap choices available in the market. Here are some great ideas for budget-friendly wedding decorations.
Whenever you are planning a wedding, decorations are the most important factor involved. You have to think about the color scheme first, and then accordingly decide the decorations.
Flowers, props, centerpieces, ribbons, curtains, candles, etc., are most of the things needed to dress up the church. However, purchasing these can prove to be heavy on your pocket. If you can't afford spending a lot on mere decorations, there are many inexpensive choices available instead.
In a church, the main parts to be decorated are the altar, aisle, pews, doors, walls, and ceiling (optional). Many people think you have to decorate the church heavily to give it a grand look, but a simple rose tied with a ribbon looks elegant enough.

Inexpensive Decorations

While decorating a church for a wedding, you have to follow a particular color scheme and an order. Churches have a large space with pews, walls, and doors, which you have to decorate with equal amounts of flowers, ribbons, and bows.
Many people find it very hard to purchase all these in bulk as they find them expensive. There are some great options for budget-friendly decorations. There is no need to spend money on flowers and props which cost a lot, as there are always inexpensive ideas that are more attractive choices. All you have to do is be creative and make the right choice.


The entrance is the first thing you notice, and therefore it has to be well-patterned and co-ordinated with the chosen colors. Usually there are big wooden entrance doors to every church where a line of potted plants can be placed on both sides of the doors.
Spending money on bouquets for these doors is not a sensible option. The carpet or aisle runner, rolled on the aisle from the entrance to the altar is usually red, but you can go for other great aisle ideas too.

Doors and Walls

In many churches, there are screws drilled in the walls and doors for vases to be hung up. Choosing inexpensive, in-season flowers can surely prove to be a good idea.
A few cheap and elegant flowers that are available in bulk are carnations, gladiolus, hyacinths, hydrangeas, lilies, sunflowers, and gerbera daisies; these are great choices to decorate the whole church. With these flowers to fill the vases on the doors and walls, your wedding is sure to look beautiful.


Instead of using extra flowers for pews, a better option can be to make a simple bow with netting materials like fine woven rayon, tulle, satin, cotton, nylon, or silk.This is a much cheaper choice for pews, as they look very beautiful and elegant.
You can get these materials in any color and in any length, so you can decorate the place with simple bows which look very attractive.


The altar has to be decorated with flowers and fresh fillers. Have flowers like roses, tulips, calla lilies, orchids, anthems, and many other rich varieties. It won't be costly as you are using them only for altar.
The front of the altar can be decorated with tulle tied with other flowers for a lovely look. Try to use contrasting colors for the bows and the flowers, since both have to be visible, yet complement each other.
With these creative and inexpensive decorations, you can have the best-looking church for your wedding on a very reasonable budget. Thus, go ahead and use your creativity to make your wedding beautiful.