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Church Decorations for Wedding

Saptakee Sengupta Nov 24, 2018
Church decorations for wedding are usually done with beautiful arrangement of flowers, candles and lights. We have elaborated some ideas over here that you can opt for your wedding.
A wedding organized in a church is an auspicious way to celebrate the union of a prospective couple. Imagine yourself taking oath amidst the peace and solemn ambiance of a church! Wouldn't that be a wonderful experience?
With beauty and placidity all around, the grandeur of the wedding will be experienced in a better way by every individual present in the ceremony. Furthermore, when the decorations are aesthetically pleasing, then everything inside the church will seem ethereal.
In the recent times, most wedding decorations have become theme based. Nevertheless, the beauty of floral decoration cannot be matched up with anything else. You can ornament the entrance, hallway, aisles, and pews with flowers, tulle and lights.
Jazz up the interior and the exterior of the church with fancy lights. Make the entrance of the church appealing as it is the first thing that comes to notice. You can either purchase LED lights or venture in organic system and vintage chandeliers. Put up the lights on the wedding arch as well and add trails of colorful bulbs on the external walls.
Asian themes are highlighted with Japanese lanterns which endow traditional feel in the ambiance of the wedding. You can hang them on the main entrance and the hallway.

Church Decoration Ideas

Decorating the Walls and Aisles

Floral decoration is one of the best themes for church wedding decorations. The interior and the exterior both look exquisitely beautiful when adorned with flowers like tulips, roses, lilies, daffodils, chrysanthemum and hydrangea.
Spread rose petals on the floor or afloat them in water-filled vases. Decorate the walls with different patterns of wreaths and bouquets. You can also place aromatic candles or tiny dim bulbs in between the floral setting. Add an exotic touch to the aisles with lilies and orchids decked in satin ribbons and drapes.

Decorating the Pews and Tables

Tables and pews must be paid attention as when decorated beautifully, they enhance the aesthetic beauty of the interiors. If your wedding is taking place during Christmas, then you can opt for that specific theme.
Pomander balls, streamers, shimmering stars, Christmas tree, bright lights, and tulle swags are used for decoration. Normally pews are enamored with satin tulle of silver, pink and white shades. You can also cover the table with satin, gossamer and organza cloth.
Just like the aisles, pews should also be decked up beautifully. Choose soothing tones for both flowers and fabric since they complement the internal setting of a church. Place the floral centerpieces and wedding cards on the table.
You can brighten up the interior with rows of candles placed on the side of the pews and place candle centerpieces on the main table. People believe that candles are auspicious for couples and this is why their presence is given so much importance.
It's always advisable to contact a wedding planner so that everything is decorated perfectly. This way your responsibilities will also lighten and you can dedicate time to other important activities.
Candles and flowers if arranged perfectly are enough to beautify the ambiance of a church. In the midst of an ethereal ambiance, we are sure you will indeed rejoice your wedding ceremony.