Cocktail Wedding Reception Ideas

Holding a cocktail wedding reception is a great idea if you want to do something different and fun. In this article, we'll give you some ideas on how you can have a successful one for your own wedding.
Wedessence Staff
Organizing a wedding reception can take a toll on the couple and on their budget as well. Plus, there's always that feeling of 'Oh! It's all the same!' that creeps into the mind. So, if you're looking for something different to do for your wedding, how about holding a cocktail wedding reception instead of the usual one? It will be fun, not to mention, much cheaper, because the amount and type of food for a cocktail party will cost lesser than that of just a dinner party. Given in this Wedessence article, are some ideas that you may like.
One of the most popular themes, and quite understandably so, for a cocktail wedding reception is a Hawaiian theme. You can ask your guests to dress up in a particular color scheme if you wish to add that extra touch of the Hawaiian theme. Or you can simply have every guest welcomed with a flower garland. You can decorate the place with small flower bushes and coconuts. The main table centerpiece can be made from fresh fruits and flowers. The bar, obviously has to be the star attraction since it is a cocktail party. So, have some exotic flowers and fruits decorating the bar, along with bartenders wearing loud floral prints. If it's an evening reception, you can even have small bonfires around the place.
Black and Red
For a stylish and sophisticated cocktail wedding reception, you can always choose the red and black theme. You can never go wrong with this color combination. The bar can have a black surface, and the bartenders can wear deep red shirts with black trousers. The decorations around the place can be simple, yet elegant. Find out a florist who supplies red and black roses. Just sprinkle some silver dust on them, and decorate the entire venue with them. It may seem dark when you read it, but when you see the final result, you'll be surprised.
Mexican Magic
To give your reception a siesta like feel, you can go for a Mexican theme. Have each male guest welcomed with a sombrero and a female guest welcomed with a bright colorful scarf. Use bright colored net fabric to decorate the venue, along with some brightly colored food items like bell peppers, fruits like papayas, oranges, green apples, etc. The bar can be decorated in a festive way too with miniature sombreros outlining it.
Diamonds and Gold
A combination of diamonds and gold is an eternal one, that will never go out of style. Have the venue of the wedding reception decorated using mirrored, string curtains and gold string fabric. Use white and gold sparkling beads to decorate the bar. Have large mirrors placed at the corners of the venue. This way, the beads and the curtains will reflect in the mirrors and make the whole place sparkle! The bar can be decorated by using a huge mirror as the base. Cover this with a thick, clear Plexiglas to keep it from shattering.
Fire and Ice
Another great idea for an outdoor wedding reception is a fire and ice theme. You can decorate the venue with simple or elaborate ice sculptures for the 'ice' part of the theme. For the 'fire' part, you can either have small bonfires or grills, or you can hire fire breathers to perform as the guests go about their drinking and mingling. You can have some trained bartenders fix Flaming Blue Jesus drinks for the guests too!
Holding a cocktail wedding reception certainly takes the pressure of the couple regarding things like seating and exorbitant food prices. It also gives them a chance to relax their nerves after a hectic day and welcome the new phase of their life with some of the closest people over some well fixed drinks.
Cocktail with flower decoration
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