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Reasons to Choose Colored Wedding Dresses

Reasons to Choose Colored Wedding Dresses

If you are absolutely captivated by the different colored gowns, and even found the one you want, then here are some reasons for choosing a colored dress over the white ones, and validate your choice.
Pushpa Duddukuri
Congratulations are in order, for you have found the right man to spend the rest of your life with. Now it's time to find the perfect wedding dress for the big day. The day about which you have been dreaming all your life. Truth be told, you and me both know that you are perfectly capable of picking out your wedding dress on your own, within your budget, without any help from some obscure, faceless web writer. Good, we both got that straight. What I am going to convey through this page is nothing of great consequence to you, just some hints and nudges at why you should completely discard white for your wedding and choose something in color, which might raise some eyebrows or absolutely enthrall the others.

When it comes to selecting colored dresses for the bride, the most striking are deeper colors and darker hues. Scarlet, ocean blue, purple dresses with shimmering fabrics are few bold colors which sell like hot cakes for wedding gowns. But then, these colors are not everybody's cup of tea, so if you do not want to stray off too much from the norms, then light-colored dresses are the things you might be looking for. People with darker skin tone, can opt for pink, peach, violet, sky blue, cream, ivory, etc. Ladies who are a little on the heavier side can look at the option of colored bridal dresses as it is universally believed that black and darker shades of colors do their best in creating an illusion of slimness. Although, black isn't preferred to be adorned by the brides, wedding dresses of other darker shades like maroon, navy blue, turquoise, magenta, etc., are much in demand.

White wedding dresses are ...
  • Boring
  • Prone to Stains
  • Done to death fashion
  • Can't be used after the wedding (only alternative is to save it for your children or siblings)
  • Makes too much of girlie girl statement
  • Looks formal and really boring!!!
10 Reasons to Choose Colored Wedding Gowns Over Boring White
  1. When you spill red wine in the jitters and cold feet, colorful wedding dresses save the day!!!!
  2. Admit it, colored dresses are much more daring and avant-garde than basic white. Of course, you are not that delicate damsel in distress, so this modern-day know-it-done-it girl doesn't need white to remind her of her fragility.
  3. If you are dressed in a colored bridal gown, there are high chances that you might pass as the bridesmaid and could get over that last-minute itch. (I know honey, you are not married until you are MARRIED)
  4. When you would be looking ravishing in your colored wedding gown, then of course, the wedding cake would be left untouched by the groom.
  5. When your soon-to-be better half is getting loaded with beers with his mates before the wedding, gate-crash that party in your colored dress, and surely the party would be broken in no time upon seeing a femme fatale at their doorsteps.
  6. What better it would be to try on the different colored gowns and take your own sweet time in deciding 'the' dress while your rookie hubby is waiting at the store and realizing who's gonna be the boss for the rest of your lives.
  7. After getting out of a limousine, if some paparazzi hovers around you for some quick sound-bite, wondering aloud, "which movie was this hot chick in?", then shrug off and move on, after all, you have a wedding to attend.
  8. No need to get exasperated at comments like, "Isn't she wearing her sister's wedding dress? I bet, it's the same gown only altered at the middle, sides, frills, without the sash and I think even the sleeves are removed, though it would have looked better with sleeves." Colored gowns would just shut all such mouths or rather compel them to open it in awe.
  9. Wonder why there are so many bridesmaids and only one bride? Well, wearing anything other than white does look like more fun.
  10. This one I am leaving up to you to tell me, I am sure you would come up with a better reason to choose an amazing colorful dress over classics.
Colored wedding dresses aren't a dime a dozen, but they sure would make you look like a million bucks. Choose any color you like for your wedding dress, just make sure that you can carry it well.
Magenta color wedding dress
Maroon color wedding dress
Peach color wedding dress
Sky blue color wedding dress