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Corsage Ideas

Ratnashri Dutta Nov 24, 2018
Corsages are usually worn by women either on their dress or around their wrist. Read on for some corsage ideas to try on various formal occasions.
Corsages are worn in order to identify the different members of a group, or to honor someone. It is also used to complement the dress or attire as a fashion accessory.
Earlier, women used to adorn themselves with either a single flower in their hair or a bouquet of flowers which they used to wear on their gown. But, it was uncomfortable as well as awkward to carry these huge bouquets around. The newer, lighter forms of these bouquets which we use today are called corsages.
Now, if you are going to a prom or attending a wedding, here are some bright ideas for flower arrangements which you can try out.

For Bridal Showers

No bridal shower is complete without corsages. They make the bride-to-be feel special. You can get together and make various types of flower arrangements which will not only make the event memorable, but the corsages will also last forever as a memory.

Classic Floral

They are simple and elegant at the same time. They symbolize beauty. Before making the floral arrangements, decide on the color and type of flowers that you want to use for the occasion.
It is best that you use the bride's favorite flowers since it is her day. But, if you are not sure about what to use, White roses are the best option as they symbolize purity and virtue.


Lighten up the event with some of these humorous corsages. Make sure to use something which the bride can use in the future. It can be made of kitchen tools, a garter, or maybe empty cold cream jars. Do keep in mind the bride's sense of humor while making these.


Make the bride feel special with this beauty pageant-like sash. You can either purchase the sash or make it at home. You can also add some funny messages on the sash.


Remind the new bride of her childhood days with this. You can make the dolls using simple materials which you can easily get in many stores. You can also add some old photos from the bride's childhood.

For Weddings

These are made of flowers such as carnations, roses, lilies, and orchids.

With Carnations

As they are cheap, attractive, and large in size, carnations are the most common flowers used in weddings.
If it's a budget wedding, then a single white carnation over a round white tulle, pinned to the dress or tied around the wrist, can do wonders. If the wedding is during the spring, then popular colors for carnation corsages are cream, pink, yellow, and white. You can pin these with baby's breath and folds of white tulle.
There has to be a special corsage for the mother of both the bride and the groom. A small round cluster of looped white ribbons with pink or white carnations tied and set on an elastic band to wear around the wrist is a good idea.

With Roses

A single white or red rose bud with baby's breath and fern is the most popular corsage, which is used by many people all over the world. Wrap the arrangement with a silky ribbon and secure it with a small pearl-tipped pin.
You can also take a pink or red-colored rose, tie it with a bow decorated with hearts, and secure it with heart-tipped pins to create a more romantic arrangement.

With Lilies

A single calla lily and a lily leaf wrapped with a green silk ribbon is a common style for modern-day weddings. Secure it to the bosom with some extra pins, or tie it around the wrist with some ribbons. These are attractive as well as cheap.

With Orchids

Fake or real, orchids are expensive. Thus, very small orchids are used in weddings. You can bundle up two white orchids with pink centers, along with a thin cluster of lemon grass, wrapped in pink ribbons which can be secured with decorative pins.

For Baby Shower

Honor the mother-to-be, and show her how much you care about her and her baby using some of these amazing flower arrangements for a baby shower. The mother will surely love them and also appreciate the effort that you have put behind them.

With a Lily

You need
✤ 1 large lily for each arrangement
✤ 1 package florist's wire
✤ 2 small cuttings baby ivy vines
✤ Ribbon for the bow
✤ Pin to hold the arrangement
✤ Cut the stem of the lily about 2-3 inches
✤ Now, using the florist's wire, wrap the ivy with the lily in a style of your choice
✤ On each side of the lily, tie an ivy vine
✤ Then, make a pretty bow with the ribbon
✤ Secure it to the guest's dress with the pin.


You need
✤ 1 small packet baby wipes
✤ Clothespin
✤ Ribbons for the bows
✤Pin for fastening on the guest's dresses
✤ Rearrange the wipes so that they look like a flower
✤ Put the clothespin on the wipes so that the mother-to-be can take one out immediately when she needs to change her baby's diapers
✤ Make some bows with the ribbons, and fasten it on the mother's blouse with the pin.
This corsage is just for fun and will surely make many laugh.
This corsage is just for fun and will surely make many laugh. It is cheap and fun to make.

For the Wrist

People usually wear corsages on their wrists at a wedding or to the prom.


The color of your corsage should match the color of your gown. It need not be of the exact color as the gown, but it should complement the gown. Neutral colors are the best while choosing arrangements that will go with your gown.


To make your prom corsage more attractive and fancy, you can even add some beads to it. The beads will reflect the light and make them appear jewel-like.

Use of Unusual Flowers

Besides roses, lilies, and carnations, you can also use some unusual flowers, like tulips. Be careful if you are allergic to any flower.
With these corsages, you will be able to make the occasion more memorable. So, instead of spending your money on buying corsages, make them at home. It's fun as well as more personal.