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Tips for Buying Cotton Wedding Dresses

Avanika Mote Nov 26, 2018
Wedding dresses made out of cotton are perfect for those who want to dress lightly and casually in a flowy ensemble. It can go great with varied wedding themes and is easier to carry off on a hot day.
In summers, we ditch silk and crape, boots, and coats, and opt for cute summer dresses and open stilettos or wedges. The wedding day, for every girl, is the most important day of her life. If you are planning to get married during the summer, here are some beautiful dressing ideas that will not let you uncomfortable and sweaty.

Wedding Dresses in Cotton

If it is a beach wedding that you are planning, you must choose from cotton dresses in white.You can also wear the dress at tea length instead of going for a full length dress that will be difficult to manage.
A cotton or linen halter dress is a cool option. For fuller women, a halter cotton dress is best suited and offers a lovely look. Make sure your dress is appropriately cut for a length that is just above your knees. Strapless or thin straps in dresses make hot choices for all women. Add the right amount of flare to hide your flaws and accentuate your assets.
White is the color of summer and the color of a wedding dress too. Ask your stylist to design in different shades of white.
It can be styled in strapless sheaths or in the mermaid style.
A summer wedding or a beach wedding is an occasion to have fun. If you choose heavy fabrics with heavy brocades and beads you will end up drenching yourself in sweat. So, choose a cotton dress with a length you are comfortable in. That will allow you to have fun with bridesmaids and other loved ones on your wedding day.
Cascade style dresses make a glamorous option. It allows enough air to pass through the dress and it is a simple yet glamorous outfit, especially if designed with embroidery. Embroidery is the new hot trend for summer-style dresses. Many big names in the fashion world are now making cotton dresses with embroidery for weddings.
Another lovely style for a beach wedding dress could be the knee-length baby doll style. Opt for cotton dresses with a baby doll-like flare, just touching your knees and embellished with a beautiful lace. You may also accessorize it with a platinum bracelet and keep the make-up minimum because, less is more when it comes to make up for a summer wedding.
You can also consider cotton dresses embellished with appliqué. Colors like champagne, silver, ivory, and light turquoise are good options apart from white. Other styles that can be considered include, ball gown silhouettes, A-line silhouettes, and off-shoulder styles.
Sweetheart or square necklines are drop-dead sexy. These styles could be used to design bridesmaid dresses too. But make sure that they are designed in the same color for all the bridesmaids. Choose natural colors like peach, beige, turquoise, and many more pastel colors.