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15 Creative and Unique Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas

For a bride-to-be who seldom follows the crowd, a conventional wedding will never satiate her. Take a small journey with Wedessence to find a variety of non-traditional ideas that'll take your wedding to a whole new level.
Wedessence Staff
Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018
Funny marriage joke
Why wait until the wedding?
Instead of purchasing a classic white diamond engagement ring, why not propose (and surprise) your future bride with a ring that breaks all the norms? Rings made with pearl, solitaire, emerald, mother of pearl, or even black diamond are perfect for an anti-diamond bride-to-be.
Although a traditional white wedding is still one of the most sought-after theme, today's weddings have taken a vast detour. With brides-to-be shunning the superstitions and traditions of a conventional wedding, they are concentrating more on practical, fun, and unique ceremony ideas.

If you too have envisioned such a wedding, then perhaps we can be of some assistance. With 15 mind-blowing and creative ideas, we promise to inspire you for the upcoming nuptials.
Unique Ideas for a Non-traditional Wedding Ceremony
Many people are under the impression that selecting a customized and unusual wedding theme is enough to make it non-traditional. However, we are here to show you several other ways in which you can shy away from old customs and transform your wedding in the process.
Personalized wedding invitations with a major twist.
For the modern bride, a classic wedding invitation will never suffice. Here, we have highlighted a balloon invitation that is fun and engages the guests way, way before the wedding date arrives. Plus, they'll be dying to see what you have planned for the actual wedding. Apart from the balloon, you can print the invites on a vintage handkerchief, DVD, or send it in a confetti popper.
Non-traditional Wedding Invitation Balloon in Box
Non-traditional Wedding Invitation Balloon
Pick an unforgettable wedding theme that is off the hook.
Rock and roll, carnival, indie rock, steampunk, rainbow, travel―with such a broad range of choices, selecting a wedding theme for your wedding can be tough. But instead of getting confused and intimidated by what's out there, reflect on both your likes and dislikes from within. Do you have a favorite book, poem, or a movie? How about an activity that bonds you two together? Inspiration can be found anywhere, and everywhere. All you need to do is let it flow.
Non-traditional CMYK Wedding Theme
Non-traditional Wizard of Oz Wedding Theme
The Wizard of Oz
Wearing a plain white gown may be overlooked.
Amber Tamblyn tied the knot in a yellow dress, Cynthia Nixon wore green, Jessica Biel had a pink gown on, Ellen Pompeo and Shenae Grimes wore black, and Sofia Coppola wore a lavender gown. If these gorgeous celebrities aren't shy to break the tradition, then what's stopping you? Whether the gown has a splash of color, ornate detailing around the neckline, or intricate embroidery, be sure to pick a style that complements your personality.
Non-traditional Pink Bridal Gown
Non-traditional Purple Bridal Gown
Non-traditional Colorful Bridal Gown
Bridesmaids in white can truly be a thing now.
Now if the bride is being unconventional, how can we forget the maid of honor and bridesmaids? It is said that only the bride can wear white at her wedding. Well, you don't have to follow that 'rule' if you don't want to. We say let the bridesmaids be adorned in white dresses.
Non-traditional Wedding Bridesmaids in White Dresses
Bouquets for bridesmaids and boutonnières for groomsmen would be good to get a makeover.
Non-floral bouquets and boutonnières are widely accepted, and give you an opportunity to be creative. Have the bridesmaids carry an envelope purse or clutch, a decorative lantern, an oriental fan, or a pinwheel. But if you want to have them hold a bouquet, try one made with felt, fabric, or paper rosettes, seashells, burlap, or feathers. As for the groomsmen, ask them to accessorize their attire with either feather, button, burlap, felt, fabric, seashell, or superhero figurine boutonnières.
Non-traditional Wedding Idea Bridesmaids Purse and Groomsmen Boutonnieres
Walk down the aisle in style.
Want to make your entrance memorable? Instead of asking your father (or someone else from the family) to walk you down the aisle, walk with your dog or ride in on a bicycle. Both ideas are unique and will work perfectly for the kind of wedding you wish to have.
Non-traditional Wedding Idea Bride Walking Down Aisle with Dog and Bicycle
Meet before the ceremony for a romantic photo shoot.
Forgo the belief that it's bad luck for the groom to see his bride before the ceremony, in her wedding dress. You can take a pre-wedding photo shoot and relax in each other's company. Plus, the bride will be freshly dolled-up, so the pictures are bound to be perfect.
Non-traditional Wedding Couple Taking Pre-wedding Pictures
Instead of just the bride walking down the aisle, ride in together.
Ride down the aisle on a bicycle with your gorgeous bride-to-be and have the most amazing time. Trust us, no one at the ceremony would be expecting such a grand, fun entrance from the couple.
Non-traditional Wedding Couple Riding Bicycle
Ditch the arch. How does setting a grand stage sound?
Set the 'stage' for the ceremony by replacing the traditional arch decorated with fresh flowers with an actual stage.
Non-traditional Wedding Ceremony Stage
Origami cranes decorating the wedding arch. How (un)original!
But, if an arch is on your mind, we recommend decorating it with origami cranes hanging from the arch. You can also substitute the cranes with colorful streamers, dreamcatchers, and pinwheels.
Non-traditional Wedding Ceremony Decoration with Origami Cranes
Decorating the aisle and pews with something other than the 'flowers of the month'.
Let's not forget about decorating the aisle and pews for the ceremony. For an inexpensive, yet whimsical idea, stick paper hearts and flowers up and down the aisle for a romantic décor. And as for the pews, hanging wicker hearts will surely steal the show.
Non-traditional Wedding Aisle and Pews Heart, Flower Sticks
Wedding programs printed on a piece of paper get an astounding makeover.
Let your guests munch away as they wait for the bride to walk down the aisle. Oh, look! The wedding program is printed along the side for them to read. But, if you're trying to keep the cost down, but still inform your guests about what's to come, place a chalkboard at the entrance instead.
Non-traditional Wedding Program Popcorn
Non-traditional Wedding Program Chalkboard
Table numbers and centerpieces for the reception tables should be memorable.
Reception table centerpieces with flowers and fruits, and card centerpieces are done to death. Our suggestion is to think outside the box and come up with ideas that truly imaginative. For the centerpiece, we give you a tree made with hearts, and a wine bottle to denote the table numbers.
Non-traditional Wedding Reception Table Numbers
Non-traditional Wedding Reception Centerpieces
Think beyond fondant flowers to decorate the wedding cake. And those cake toppers? Forget about it.
Leave the meticulously-decorated tiered wedding cakes with flowers and fondant be, and surprise your guests with a cake that showcases your personality. On the other hand, you can completely do away with cake and have a dessert table or a separate area with different types of candies.
Non-traditional Wedding Cake with Buttons Chalkboard Cake Toppers
Forget the guest book. Let's get a giant canvas and blow everyone's minds away.
Skip the guest book, and instead, opt for a giant canvas with your portrait on it for the guests to sign on. Or, how about placing a 'wishing well' box at the reception venue where everyone can write down their wishes and advice for the newlyweds? Also, for convenience sake, you can keep mason jars on every table.
Non-traditional Wedding Guest Book Canvas
'Unique' is a word often used by brides-to-be, but only a handful of them truly have the courage to walk that path. The kind of wedding you wish to plan and organize may not be accepted by everyone. But guess what? This is your big day, and it should look the way you have imagined it to be. So, be confident about your decisions and stay true to your heart, and your wedding will speak for itself.