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Creative Wedding Centerpieces

Creative Wedding Centerpieces
Centerpieces are an integral part of the wedding decorations. Simple or elaborate arrangements made using flowers, fruits, candies, and candles can certainly make the wedding venue dazzle. This write-up gives a few ideas.
Smita Pandit
Though the bride and the groom are the center of attention at every wedding, it is equally important to decorate the venue. The best way to do so would be to place unique centerpieces. Though every aspect of wedding planning needs to be taken seriously, make sure that you don't select the centerpieces and other decorative items hastily.
Floral arrangements and floating candles can certainly add a touch of romance. If budget is not an issue, you could buy something ornamental. However, a beautiful centerpiece doesn't need to be expensive always. You can surely find inexpensive ways to beautify the wedding venue.
Centerpieces for Weddings
If you have a wedding planner, all these aspects will be taken care of. All you need to do is tell him/her the details about the wedding theme and color scheme. These professionals will base their planning on some of wedding decor ideas given by you, and will then use their expertise to make the wedding venue look truly fascinating. If you don't have a wedding planner, start the wedding planning a little early. Centerpieces will vary depending on the wedding theme. If you are having a traditional wedding, it would be a good idea to make use of flower arrangements.
Floral Centerpieces
Floral centerpieces can never go out of fashion. If you want to save on cost, restrict yourself to seasonal flowers. Do select nice containers for your floral arrangements. You could use hour glass shaped cylinders, tall glass containers, glass bowls, trays, baskets, or ceramic pots. You can put petals in glass bowls filled with water and place them at the guest tables.
If the tables are bigger, you can use candles with floral arrangements. As far as the selection of flowers is concerned, make sure the floral arrangements are colorful and vibrant. Go for contrasting colors and textures. You could place the flowers in unique glass containers and add colorful pebbles or decorative rocks at the bottom of the container and embellish it with ribbons. You could also use stained glass vases and put long-stemmed flowers in it. Bonsai trees can also be placed as table centerpieces.
A simple bunch of flowers assembled in a tray or shallow bowls along with some greenery and accessories will also look nice. Colorful fruits and flower arrangements can also be combined to make unique centerpieces. Floral arrangements will look even better when these are combined with embellishments. If you are not keen on using fresh flowers, you can use dried flowers or silk flowers.
Candle Centerpieces
Beautiful floating candle centerpieces always work wonders for such occasions. Combining floral arrangements with candles is a great idea. You could select decorative and richly scented candles and place them in glass bowls filled with water. You could add water pearls, beads, or small pebbles. The soft glow and aroma will certainly set the mood for the celebration. There is a great variety to choose from.
Floating candles come in various exquisite shapes, sizes, and colors. Another creative idea would be to use a mirrored base for the candle centerpiece. The reflection of the petals and colorful candles will add to the beauty of the centerpiece. Apart from the floating candles, you could also use a candle bouquet centerpiece. You could make these at home. You just need to bunch three pillared candles in a triangular formation and hold them together with a colorful ribbon. Decorative candles on ornamental pillar candle holders will certainly look amazing.
Other Inexpensive Wedding Centerpiece Ideas
If you think candle centerpieces and floral arrangements are very common, you could try other things. You could place fish bowls with a live gold fish along with some fish food. It will certainly keep the guest entertained. It is a unique idea and will not cost you a lot of money. You could also place the picture of the bride and groom in a decorative frame, and place small flower pots, votive candles, and streamers around it. Sculptures and love poem scrolls can also be used as centerpieces. Placing candies in glass bowls will also be a great idea. You could also place dried flowers or paint dry leaves with vibrant colors and place them in a tray along with small tea light candle lamps.
On a concluding note, you could opt for flower arrangements in tall glass vases, clusters of mini flower arrangements in small glass cube vases or ceramic containers, lanterns with greenery, fall leaves in clear glass votive holders, scented candles in ornamental votive holders, floating candles and petals in bowls, etc. If you are opting for tall centerpieces, make sure that they don't block the view.
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