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9 Marvelous Wedding Ceremony Backdrop Ideas for a Monumental 'I Do'

9 Creative Wedding Ceremony Backdrop Ideas
A wedding ceremony backdrop is a creative way of expressing the blissful feeling that makes a wedding memorable for a lifetime.
Meghraj Dhabale
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
A wedding is a celebration of the splendid feeling of committed togetherness. Being an important and memorable event in one's life, turning it into a unique and unforgettable experience is high on everyone's agenda. Now, planning a wedding takes time and effort. To make it truly special, the bride and groom can take that extra effort by the way of unique attire, destination or decor. Here are some fun and amazing backdrop ideas to make your wedding truly special.
A Backdrop of Paper Craft Trees, Birds, and Flowers
artificial origami tree
At first glance, this backdrop is sure to trigger innocent childhood memories about princesses and fairy tales. The faded flowers and dove on a tree will definitely add to the charm of getting married in this fairy- tale-like ambiance.
Warmth of Love
pink wedding backdrop
No other color besides pink, or may be red, conveys love and calmness the best. A pink backdrop is sure to accentuate the blush that comes to the face of a soon to be married couple. Flowers at the top of the curtain will simply add elegance to the ethereal atmosphere.
Diffused Lights Behind an Off-white Curtain
mild sweet love
This backdrop gives the entire setting a sublime glow. Instead of using flashy vibrant lights, the soft diffused light gives a tender and sober feel to the wedding. Decorative oak leaves or small pine branches can be used to add a natural touch to the decor.
A Flower Arch/Arbor with White Curtains
wedding backdrop
A perfect backdrop for an outdoor summer wedding, adding seasonal flowers at the corners and creepers along the borders of the arch, along with white curtains provides a picture-perfect touch to the entire venue. A dash of colorful rose petals on the floor will make the altar even more special.
Sheer Fabric Curtains with Silk Flowers
happy couple
Transparent curtains are a uniquely glorious variation to the oft-used white curtain idea. The USP of this backdrop is the see-through ability that provides a natural backdrop, and adds a gracious and chic touch to the entire decor.
The Cowboy Ranch Theme
rustic wedding backdrop
A rural, back-to-the-roots ranch theme can look simply delightful. Aesthetically arranged hay stock piles, gunny fabric used as curtains, cane baskets, and flowers for decoration lend simplicity, nostalgia, and warmth to the ambiance.
An Earthy Rustic Feel
rustic wood backdrop
An arbor of wood decorated with flowers, wood pier flooring, jute curtains, and props like old pendulum clocks, etc., creates a pure rustic earthy ambience. Such decors are great for summer outdoor weddings.
A Backdrop That Narrates Your Story
blackboard backdrop
What could be a better way to celebrate your journey from the first date to the courtship to the day you proposed, than by sketching this journey on a blackboard and using it as a backdrop. You could hire a professional artist to sketch out illustrations depicting every important milestone of your relationship. From the first dedicated song to the long ride/drive, to the first kiss, to the first Valentines Day. A truly unique and memorable way to cherish the start of a long and happy journey.
A Creative Origami Theme
creative origami backdrop
For those couples who would like to do something creative, how about employing the Japanese paper-folding technique of origami to create cute objects and using them as a backdrop. You could hang paper swans or cranes from the ceiling at the center frame along with butterflies and paper hearts on the border. This could truly be a wonderful backdrop that is appreciated and enjoyed by the young and the old alike.