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Curly Willow Branch Centerpieces

Puja Lalwani Sep 29, 2018
Curly willow branch centerpieces are beautiful decoration items, and are particularly popular in weddings. Let's see how you can creatively use curly willow branches and create gorgeous centerpieces.
Curly willow branch centerpieces have become popular mainly as wedding centerpieces. Even as a part of general wedding decorations, they work well to give the wedding venue that perfect finishing touch. They are wonderful concepts when it comes to highlighting a lonely corner at home, or as an additional element in a floral arrangement.
The cost-effective curly willow branch has found it's place in the world of decor, and is here to stay. Here, we will talk about different ideas to create attractive centerpieces using curly willow.
Using curly willow branches for arrangements of different types requires just a little creativity. The fun here is to make the arrangements yourself. Nothing can add the ultimate personal touch, as can your involvement, in the process of creating this decorative piece.
Though it may seem overwhelming, creatively using or making centerpieces with curly willow branches is a simple task. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, the tips given here will at least help you get a clear picture of what you can demand from your wedding decorator.

The Simple Way

If you're the kind who likes to keep things simple and maintain an underlying essence of beauty, these tips to make simple centerpieces with curly willow branches are sure to do the trick.
✦ Take a tall, clear, and slightly wide cylindrical vase and fill up half of it with water. Put in a sufficiently large floating candle, with the rest of the water surface strewn with rose petals. Place curly willow branches inside the vase, around its edges, allowing the light from the candle filter through them.
✦ Amid a circular candelabra, place some curly willow branches along with flowers in a vase. The candles will highlight your lovely centerpiece. In case the candelabra poses an inconvenience, placing small tea lites around the centerpiece, in attractive holders, will produce the same effect.
✦ A simple floral arrangement, highlighted with curly willow branches, is the simplest, yet very elegant centerpiece you could have for your wedding. You can even have the branches dyed according to the color of the flowers you have chosen.
✦ Add ribbons to your centerpiece by tying them to the edges of the branches, and let the remaining portion hang loose. This will work better with tall arrangements and will look better when light flowers, like white or pink roses, are used as an arrangement. Using similar or contrasting hues, the ribbons add a dashing yet elegant look to the centerpiece.
✦ Other elements of decoration that you may hang from the curly willow branches are crystals of different colors. These are attractive, yet subtle.

The Elaborate Way

So you're one of those who likes to make a statement, who loves grandiose plans and extravagant arrangements. Go elaborate with the decoration of your wedding centerpieces, using curly willow branches, that speak for themselves.
✦ Use a square or rectangular vase, and fill the base with different (half-cut) fruits made of Styrofoam, like kiwi, lemons and oranges. You may use real fruits too, but they eventually will be wasted. However, real whole fruits such as green apple can be a choice. Add curly willow branches and flowers of your choice, and create a stunning centerpiece.
✦ Dye the branches into a shocking gold or silver, and highlight them further with bright flowers. You may also dye the flowers into shocking colors such as aqua and green. For instance, use hues of red, yellow, and orange with gold branches, and hues of blue, green, and purple with silver branches. This centerpiece is sure to become the talk of the town.
✦ Add some glitz to your wedding by brushing the curly willow with some glitter, and hanging some crystals and tea lites off them. Can you imagine how this centerpiece is going to look?
✦ An innovative way of using curly willow branches for decoration is to bunch them up together, and adorn them with colorful string lights. They could be of a single color or multicolored. This way, the centerpiece is naturally played up.
Using a variety of other elements, such as seashells, peacock feathers, and stones of different textures and sizes, for instance, along with curly willow branches, you can create astounding centerpieces. Whether it is your wedding or your best friend's, by using these ideas, you are sure to earn the title of 'wedding centerpiece expert'.